Help!!!which bag??

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  1. LOL..I have to put happy smiley because either way I am getting a bag..:P

    I've been so good with my list. So far I've crossed 2 bags from my list and planning to do more. Although I got side tracked with some other bags along the way:rolleyes: but at least I have the list to keep me focus. Here's my list from this thread:

    Short term goal :

    1. White MC Trouville
    2. Damier Azur Speedy ?
    3. New red candy apple agenda : will be lauched feb 2007
    4. something in inclusion/bubbles : clear inclusions
    5. Groom Bandeau

    Long term goal:

    1. Cerises speedy
    2. Red/Bronze Vernis Bedford
    3. Black epi jasmin ?
    4. Trompe L'Oeil Pochette
    5. Mini mono Cherry Josephine PM
    6. Graffiti speedy
    7. Suhali Le Fab
    8. Pochette Cancun

    Question: should I get damier azur speedy 25 ( I already decide this size because it's cuter in this size) OR Black epi Jasmine from LT. I was about to send payment but got second thought. I want to add azur to my speedy family. I also think may be black epi speedy is better than jasmine ( ok....ok...I love speedy :P )

    Which bag should I get?? It will be Christmas gift for me...I think something new from the store is better..any opinion??

  2.'ve got a great list going. I would go for the azur speedy. FYI - there is a black epi speedy 25 on Karen Kooper if you're interested. Good luck with your decision! ;)
  3. ^ thank you
  4. i dunno! hard decision. i would say the epi jasmin on LT because it seems to be a great deal. or. the azur speedy. ugh. i'm no help.
  5. It's a bit hard to choose as they are so different. I would probably buy the Azur speedy now, just because I think it's more fun to have the bags when they are new and all the rage (yes, I'm that shallow :Push: ) But either way you can't go wrong.
  6. Hi. Ok, so I have an LV black epi Jasmine. I loved it so much when I got it. To this day I really do love it. However about 2 weeks ago I got the Damier Azur speedy 25 and I like it SO much better.

    I like the speedy better because first of all, it is bigger; secondly it stands out and finally, because it is new. I know it being new isn't that big of a deal because there will always be new bags, and LVs are collectables, but I like the idea of having something that not everyone else has seen already.

    I have gotten SO many compliments on the speedy. A straight guy friend of mine even noticed it. I do not think the black Jasmine would get as many compliments because it does not stand out as much (unless to purse-lovers like ourselves).

  7. Icechick: lol yes I am shallow too..thank you for your input

    sparkleswirl: thank you..I know I won't carry jasmine as much as I would carry speedy azur. I just thought that I need one black bag from LV.

    Thanks..I think I will get speedy azur..
  8. I vote for the jasmin! Hehe.
  9. Nita.... I think the Azur speedy would be so awesome on you...:love:
  10. he..he.. I should have the poll..
  11. I personally would go for something new from the store, plus the azur speedy would be great to add to your is too boring in my opinion...
  12. I love the black jasmin but I think you'll use the azur speedy more frequently so get the speedy.
  13. Hey Nita! Is the Azur Speedy 25 really cuter than the 30? I'm trying to make the same decision eventhough I'm not buying anything. I'm just going to make the decision anyway. Get the Azur Speedy, It will be so great on you... I am soooo in love with my mini pochette, I'm 5'4 and around 117, do you think I should get 25 or 30; how tall are you oh heavenly one...heehee
  14. Okay, first I would get the damier speedy 25 because this bag is soooo snazzy in real life! I would wait for the Azur because it's more of a spring bag and you have a 3-4 months till spring and they will be all over the place then. I would also wait till spring for the white mc trouville.

    In the meantime keep your eye on ebay for a good bronze houston because if that comes along you have to grab it!!

    Good luck bags!
  15. Azur speedy :smile: