Help! Which bag?

  1. I find my 35 Birkin a bit too big and heavy for a jaunt around town, but my 28 Kelly is too small to fit my avalanche of stuff inside.

    What's a good size: 28 HAC, 30 Birkin or 32 Kelly?
  2. 32 Kelly sounds perfect! Or how about a 30 cm Birkin? Which style would you prefer?
  3. Need more info! Need to know whether you want a shoulder strap option; whether you tend to hand carry your bags or slip them onto your forearm more often; what your lifestyle is like.

    The three bags you are asking about are actually all fairly similar in ultimate size, though in my opinion the 28 HAC might actually hold the most stuff inside it. Next would be the 32 Kelly, and then the 30 Birkin. But that's just my opinion based on MY stuff, and how I stick it into the bags.
  4. I vote for the 32 Kelly!
  5. I think if you would like the shoulder strap option, then the kelly would be good otherwise the 30cm birkin would be lovely. I think the tide is changing and more and more people are going for the 30cm.
    Good luck with your option.x

  6. Ok, I know this is going to sound downright silly but I don't know what to do or where to hang my arms when they're free. I feel kind of awkward when I don't have anything to carry! :lol:

    I was ... still am ... looking for a 30 Birkin. But I thought since I already have 3 Birkins, maybe I should consider an HAC to add a little variety to my collection? But I love the subtle elegance of the Kelly as well. Oh well, maybe I should get all 3?!! And to think, I told myself after my first Birkin, that's it, you've bought the ultimate bag, no more bags for you FOREVER!
  7. Get what you want and will continue to use, not what you don´t yet have KWIM?
  8. Kelly 32 -- I'd go for souple here rather than sellier, to hold more stuff.
  9. 32 Hac?
  10. Wow.....all three would fit the bill. Hmmmmm......if you need something with a strap then I'd go for the 32cm Kelly. If you want variety but don't really need a Kelly then I'd go with the 28cm HAC.

    If all else fails, find the 30cm. I only have 30's and they hold all my stuff with room to spare!
  11. I think either 32 HAC or 32 Kelly would be perfect for everyday use. If only the Birkin comes in 32~
  12. What about a 32 HAC?

    mspiggy, lol, I've often wished for a 32 Birkin.. I see we think along the same lines!
  13. evekitti... I think you should try them on before you decide. The sensation is so different when you try it on live.
  14. 32 kelly!!!