Help, which bag?

  1. OK, I'm indecisive once again and need everyone's help. My SA called me and said a Motard Pochette came in and she has it on hold for me in black. I'm going to check her out tomorrow but the Cruise line is also coming out tomorrow and I waitlisted for the Mahina PM. (The Speedy is also cute in the line.) Which bag do you think is better, Motard Pochette or Mahina PM? Do you think the pochette is "chanelish" where people will think it's a knockoff Chanel?
  2. Both are realllllly gorgeous bags... I'd go with the Motard Pochette and try to get the Mahina XL later on.
  3. Get the Mahina XL (there's no PM, only XL or XXL). Although I personally find it GINORMOUS, I prefer bigger bags more than smaller ones.
    No the Pochette does not look at all "Chanelish", imo. It's completely different in terms of cut (eg. quilted squares vs lined monogram), handles (eg. thin chains vs thick polyvinyl/cotton (?) band), and shape/design (eg. boxy vs flat-to-squishy).
  4. LV as a knockoff Chanel??? Have you gone mad??? JK--I love the Motard Pochette. I would do what John5 said.
  5. Ooops, I meant Marina PM. I think I have gone crazy lusting over all these bags.

    Cecelia, I just saw your thread about the Motard and your bag is GORGEOUS! :drool: I like how big this pochette actually is - I can actually put stuff in it and it's still dressy enough for weddings and dinners.

    What makes it hard for me to choose is that the Motard line is limited edition and the Cruise Marina is only for Fall which to me equals limited as well. I haven't seen the Marina PM IRL yet, but the picture that is out there is so cute and to die for! If either of these were in the permanent collection, I can just wait to get the other one, but they're not and so back to the same problem. :wondering:confused1:
  6. Motard! Not a fan of the marina.
  7. I am not much help! I would say take a look at all of them tomorrow!
  8. Get the black Motard Pochette and I don't see any why people could call it a chanel knockoff I think it looks better than the chanel quilted bags! :ducks from flying chanel shoes:
  9. Vote for Mahina!! I just got my Black XL today.. :heart::heart:so excited!!!
  10. I wish I were you... I just love Mahina so much.. and thinking of getting another one...
  11. she meant marina:yes:
  12. ^^ I agree ... not the mahina XL:yes: I would go look at both IRL and see what you think ...get the one you know you will use more:heart: