Help!! Which Bag?!?!

  1. Hi all..
    i need advice. 3 times i have gone to my NM to buy the black soho bag...and 3 times the Jumbo classic is calling my name..
    which to get? also...they only have the jumbo in caviar in the store...but it comes in lambskin, right? a sale on either would help me decide...
    the soho is gorgeous, but i'm a pretty classic girl...

  2. I love the classic flap and I think caviar is very practical - it is good for everyday use compared to the lambskin which is much more delicate. Lambskin wouldn't be ideal for everyday wear because it scratches easily.
    I would buy the one that I would get more wear out of and I would go with first impressions - the one I fell in love with at first (cos that's generally quite accurate)
  3. go with the jumbo classic, i love my classic flaps.
  4. jumbo classic will be more practical. I love lambskin, but you do have to be careful. It will scratch. Much more delicate.
  5. Jumbo classic! :drool: