HELP! Which bag would you go for?

  1. Which of these HandMaid by Michelle Frantz bags would you go for? I'm having a hard time choosing between the blue and the black. I love blue handbags, so I would definitely use it, but I wonder if the black is more versatile.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. The black, blue is an odd hue
  3. Black
  4. The Black- The blue looks kind of "childish"
  5. I love the blue! I think it'd be perfect for spring.
  6. Yes. I like the blue. Looks nautical.
  7. Hmm...maybe you're right. Too much like a little kid's purse? The blue, which I do like, definitely does have a more youthful look than the black, which could veer toward sophisticated. What does everybody else think? :shrugs:
  8. blue
  9. i like the blue
  10. The blue :smile: it looks fun.
  11. I think the black - the blue is a tricky blue, sort of school-uniform blue.
  12. Love the blue, I can see it being cute with jeans. Actually I love both :lol:
  13. Buy the one you would be more likely to use. You will be less likely to regret your choice.
  14. if just for casual use, then blue!
  15. Bluuuueeee...
    somehow the black looks cheaper to me..