Help! Which bag to keep?...

  1. I have just bought Dior Ethnic ankle boots in black and I don't own any black bag to keep. I really like Neo Cabby... Do you have any ideas???
  2. maybe if you post a pic of the boots we could suggest an appropriate bag? Although, I generally think the neo cabby in black denim is very stylish and a gorgeous bag!
  3. Love the neo cabby
  4. could you show us the boots so we can better assist you in finding a good bag to match?
  5. Love the neo cabby!!!
  6. Hmm... a pic of the boots would help. :yes:

    The Cabby is HOT though!!!
  7. Here are my ankle boots...
  8. It's a do. I love mine, is a great demin bag..:love:
    Love the boots!