HELP! Which bag to get??

  1. Hi all!! First, let me say that I'm new to the Chanel forum- I'm usually on the Coach one or lurking in Balenciaga, but have stayed away from Chanel only because of the price-range I'm right now as a student :smile:

    I recently came upon the opportunity to get a Chanel bag at a huge discount. My brother's best friend's mom works for Chanel & I want to get a bag since it's too good to pass up.

    I need to know - what is the best Chanel bag, in your opinion, to get? If you HAD to pick one, which is the most classic, can't-go-wrong bag? I love the black quilted tote bags, but I see them eeeeeverywhere because everyone in my town has fakes from Canal street. I don't even know where the price range falls for Chanel bags, but I know it's expensive!!

    I want to get a bag that is already at a decent price (I mean not several thousand dollars), that is what you consider a classic Chanel bag. I figured this is the best place to ask, since most of you are well-informed on Chanel bags & can give me good opinions. I want something more for day, not a clutch or anything like that. Thanks soo much in advance!! I'll let you know how it goes after I get a bunch of opinions!! :smile:
  2. I would go for a classic flap. I never thought I was a flap girl ... I thought I only liked the more trendy type bags, but I just got one and LOVE it so much!! I got a medium black flap and liked it so much, I just ordered one in the jumbo size in dark brown. I think you can never go wrong with a classic flap. :smile: And a flap can go from day to night ... so I think you'd get alot of use out of it.
  3. definitely a classic flap or a cabas...
  4. How exciting! In my opinion, there is no greater purse experience than owning your first chanel!! If you're lookiing for classic, here are my three suggestions for you(all in the approx. $2,000 range--many chanels are closer to 3k):

    1. Smaller bag: Chanel kelly in black caviar...even though this bag is a little petite, it fits everything i need--makeup bag, phone, small wallet, keys with a little extra room. I LOVE this bag and have recently made it my every day bag bc it holds up well to every day use and I cant fill it with too much, so it doesnt get too heavy.

    2. Medium bag: The black caviar medallion(with silver hardware). This bag is a gem--it is very comfy and fits everything i listed above, plus my sunglasses case, gloves, camera, with room to spare. I own the white bag, so i dont wear it every day bc i dont want to get it dirty. I think this is the most beautiful bag in my collection, possibly in the world :smile:.

    3. Large bag: Since i am in my mid 20's, i felt that the GST looked a bit mature for me, so I wanted to celebrate my youth and acquire a bag with hot pink insides and patented cc outsides, so I got none other than the Large Cambon tote in Black Patent on Black---I'm aware that these bags are replicated like crazy, but there's nothing like the real thing...fits everything you could ever imagine, smooth slilky lambskin on the outside, vibrant hot pink lining on the inside, super light and comfy, and no chains that get tangled with my long curly hair. I love this bag--its a true celebration of feminity and luxury.

    4. Clutch/evening bag--I know you said you arent looking for a clutch, but i had to stick the Timeless Clutch in black caviar in my list of cant-go-wrong chanel bags--it's the most perfect little creation--can be worn daytime, nighttime or you could even sleep with it like a teddy bear(jk, kinda :smile: ). I love this bag, but mainly i'm including it bc it's significantly less expensive than any chanel bag i've ever seen--at around $1100, so if you cant go up to the 2k range for the other three bags, this may be a good starter.

    Hope you enjoyed my 2 cents--good luck and please share your bag when you get it!!

    Cheers :smile:
  5. Wow Florencedesign, great advice! I would say to go with a black jumbo flap in caviar with whatever color hardware you prefer, but those seem quite pricey these days and are still on the smaller spectrum of bags IMO. I think the medalion and GST are great bags to have if you plan to use them everyday. As a recent college grad, little bags served little use to me! I always needed a bag I could stash a notebook in.

    Good luck and congrats on your first Chanel!

    I forgot to add- be sure to check out the reference library. There are tons of beauties there and alot of hem have pricing info. Maybe something that isn't in the classic ligne will strike your fancy :smile:
  6. for newbies, i think the majority is getting the medium classic bag in caviar leather. that's wat i've read mostly from this forum. Lucky be able to get one at good:tup: deal. Gd luck in your choice.
  7. definitely a caviar flap!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I'd suggest the med'classic or a jumbo to wear it all day long !GL with your choice!:yes:
  9. You are all so amazing. Thank you SO much for the advice!! I checked out all of the pics in the Chanel reference library to learn more about the styles. I LOVE all of the handbags & actually have a gorgeous pair of Chanel sunnies :smile: I just always kept away from looking at the bags because of the price. I posted a pic below of a bag I have always admired; if anybody knows the exact style name, I'd appreciate it!! I think in black it would be perfect :smile: I will definitely post pics when the day comes (hopefully soon, haha) that I have one of my own!!!! Thanks again!!