HELP! Which bag should I get?

Feb 9, 2009
The Philippine Islands
Hi everyone!

Sales and promos are currently ongoing in my city and I am paralyzed by indecision.

Here are my choices and the things I like and dislike about each one:

1. FENDI 3 Zip Baulotto
+ all leather
+ flat straps
+ classic design
+ neutral color
+ practical enough to be an everyday Mommy bag

- embossed logo not obvious; I guess I'm used to my Prada bags that have either gold or silver logo even in their simplest of designs. This bag is over $ 2000. I think a little hardware should be there.

- lining is plain black fabric; Again, for a $ 2000+ bag, the lining should at least have the Fendi logos. I have to say that the FF logo is found at the ends of the zipper, but that's that.

2. FERRAGAMO Nolita in faux snakeskin

+ tote bag that has a zipped top
+ faux snakeskin pockets and inside bottom of bag
+ sides can be opened and closed using the snap buttons
+ i would think price is reasonable at $ 1,500+
+ could be a good everyday bag

- i think it can be considered a neutral, that is if I use it with solid colored clothes; but I cannot use it with my printed clothes because the patterns would clash

- the handles don't fold down; i find it difficult to put my bag on my lap and find the handles sticking up to my face

- the only hardware is the circular silver tag that has the Ferragamo logo on it; not so noticeable with that snakeskin pattern

3. PRADA Gaufre Tessuto Tote

+ the tessuto material being practical and light
+ presence of hardware
+ sling option
+ good as everyday bag

- can't really think of what i don't like about it; only that it's so common in my area and I have other Prada bags I can use, but I have yet to have the perfect black bag

4. GIVENCHY Pandora Medium

+ unique design
+ sling option
+ good for everyday use

- unique design; do you think this style will become a classic later on?
- round handle might become uncomfortable after long use

I only have until this Sunday, June 1 to decide as that's the day the discounts being offered ends. Have you ever been so undecided before that you regretted not deciding at all but were also so afraid what if you made the wrong decision? That's me now. So please please help out a girlfriend in need.😊

Thanks in advance! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1401467366.685205.jpg


May 23, 2009
G-orgeous H-eaven
OK, I'm going with pure gut instinct from the pics, I like the way the Fendi looks best, I like the SF too but at that price do you really want faux anything?


Nicole Angela
Aug 26, 2009
I like the Ferragamo, but I am partial to this brand. It's under the radar sometimes, but great quality.


Oct 1, 2011
I like the Prada and Givenchy best, lean towards the latter just b/c it's a bit less common and should last the test of time.


Aug 26, 2013
Hong KOng SAR
I like the Fendi or Givenchy.

Both bags look stunning but if I to choose between two I go for Givenchy Pandora. Its more versatile in terms of how you can wear it. Like you can wear it over the shoulder, handheld and cross body.


^Love My Brit^
Jan 1, 2009
In the middle
I like the Fendi. To me, it is the most classic and versatile design. The Ferragamo is lovely, but the handles sticking up would be a deal-breaker for me.