Help!! Which Bag Should I Get???



  1. Olav Pm Damier

  2. Pochette Bosphore Damier

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  1. i am male, 17. which one should i buy, which would work better for me. :confused1::confused1:

    option 1. Damier canvas olav PM

    Option 2. Damier Azur Pochette (white or ebene)

  2. What are you planning to carry/use it for? The pochette may look "lumpy" if you put anything like a camera or other similar object in it.
  3. true, i just carry usual stuff, phone, key, wallet, ciggarettes, thats about it. it wouldnt do to bad in the pochette.
  4. I vote for the olav because its more masculine and sexy!!
  5. I agree with bagsrme - more masculine - plus it has some depth for cigarettes, keys - so you won't see the shape of the contents.
  6. Olav pm...its shape makes it more comforartable...I had the pochette and I gave it up because although beautiful wasn't very practical IMO...
    Good luck choosing...
  7. Damier canvas olav PM looks better on male..:supacool:
  8. I love the Olav for you!
  9. My vote is for the Damier Olav---definitely!:tup:
  10. thank you everyone!
  11. Damier canvas olav PM gets my vote.
  12. damier olav
  13. Although I love both, I think the Olav would be better, I think it is a bit more practical.
  14. at first i voted for the azur because summer is coming, but once i read that you are a man, i voted for the damier. the damier is much more masculine.
  15. Olav, definitely. It's a very masculine bag and would be perfect ! :yes: