***Help! Which bag should I get???***

  1. So...

    I am some what torn between several very different handbag and I wanted to request some help...unfortunetly I can only afford to get one of them since i'm gettin some implants around the end of this year! This will also be the only handbag i'm going to be getting for a little while at least, so I want to make it good!!!

    So I have loved the Fendi Spy forever, even though my BF hates it! I have been torn between several colors!

    Fendi Spy:
    1) Fendi Fortuny Spy- this is a beautiful handbag from a few years back I think, but it shows different colors in different lights. My BF thinks that this color is too old lady though...$2,410 (I don't have a picture of this handbag, but there is one under Fendi Spy List in the Fendi Forum)

    2) Fendi Spy Gold/Silver (Bimetal) Spy- this spy looks very nice in pictures i'm just simply not sure how it would look in person because I have not seen it (we don't have it at Fendi here)...Some that I have looked at seem to have a little too much silver though. ***worried it may be too similar to LV Mirroir Monogram Papillion in Gold*** $2,410

    3) Fendi Silver/Gold (Bimetal) Spy- this spy once again I have not seen IRL...it sometimes looks like a nicer combo that the gold/silver in certain picturs but on the other hand i'm worried that I may not like it because there is too much silver (I'm definetly a gold girl) ***saw the pic of Kelly Osbourne in the blog and it looks almost pure silver!***$2,410

    4) Gucci Starlet Clutch- I could only find the picture of the regular leather one online, the one that I am looking at is at the Gucci store and it is made of BRONZE LIZARD skin, so so gorgeous and definetly harder to get a hold of!!! $2,195

    5) Gucci Crystal Evening Clutch- This Clutch is made of Tobacco Colored PYTHON, its so pretty!!! But I definetly like the Gucci Starlet style MORE but I perfer Python texture...this clutch is quite resonably priced $995
    Fendi Spy Gold & Silver.jpg Fendi Spy Silver & Gold.jpg Gucci Starlight Evening Bag.jpg Gucci Crystal Evening in Tobacco Python.jpg
  2. The Last bag that I was looking at...

    B. Romanek:
    6) B. Romanek Rock Star Clutch in Purple: So beautiful, I love the fact that when it rolls out it looks like a whole tail!!! It would be so unique! $2,195

    ***My only concern with getting a clutch would be how much use I would get out of them...since they can only be used for dinner...***
    B Romanek Rock Star Clutch.jpg Rock Star (Open).jpg
  3. No. 2 These bags are beautiful in present.