Help! Which Bag Should I Buy!!!

  1. So here is the dilemma...

    When in Vegas i wanted to get a Suhali Lockit PM in black but my boyfriend noticed some creasing in the leather near the top zipper and said "No!" (because he knows that if it creases then I will get upset and use it less!) so then he bought me a Gianni Versace handbag (the one that is similar to the speedy shape with all the gold hardware).

    Anyways I also bought a Gucci Indy Mink Tassel handbag, which by the way is my first Gucci bag...well yesterday I returned it to Saks via MAIL and when I woke up this morning I felt really bad...well its gone!!! And I have notified Saks to call me and send it back when it gets there!

    ~***So the dilemma is should I keep the Gucci Indy or return it and get the Lockit?***~
    (I have provided the picture of the Indy because i'm assuming you all know what the LV Lockit looks like!)

    The Gucci Indy is a lot nicer than the regular Indys in my opinion because its got this great brown leather trim that is also a bit metallic, it has the mink tassels that are just gorgeous (I :heart: Fur!) and sets it apart from regular Indys. Also my handbag has light gold hardware (unlike the picture!) downsides to this handbag...the bag is a unique shape so it does get some wrinkling in the fabric (from uneven weight distribution)...I might also have to keep the bottom of the bag a little stuffed so it does somewhat hold the shape...But overall the bag gorgeous and all the elements go together so well!!!

    For the Lockit it really classic you can't not love it (althought classic is not always my style...I'm a little more in your face lol..which explains my love for Versace!) Still worried about the wrinkling leather thing...does anyone have a Lockit???? Can you please let me know!!!

    I hope you guys can give me some valuable input on what I should do...I am so confused as to whether I should get the Indy sent back or not!!!
    gucci mink tassel handbag.jpg
  2. I would go with the Lockit ... LV always hold their value ... you can always get the indy later ... might even go on sale after a while.
  3. I would get the lockit too.. Suhali can be just as much in your face ( the good way!!!) :smile: I'm a bit biased!
  4. This particular Indy is for this season only and will not be produced afterwards...ohh also it was very hard to find this Indy, it was sold out in lots of places!!!
  5. since your mind and argument seem to already have fixed on the Indy, then you might as well get that first. i know that particular one is seasonal, although it might go on sale eventually, as do most of Gucci's seasonal lines.

    as for the wrinkling on the Lockit, i think that's inevitable for all bags, especially after a lot of use. the only bad thing is that when you finally decide to get the Lockit, the price might already have been increased again.
  6. Return it and get the lockit. If you don't use it everyday and let the leather "breathe" persay, then it won't wrinkle so quickly. It does happen though.. Stuff the bag when you don't use it and that will help too!