Help! Which bag is this?

  1. Hey girls! I need your help! My mom received this LV bag from a friend, but we're having trouble figuring out the specific bag name so we can figure out how much it's worth. It looks just like the vermis mott bag, but with the monogramed canvas. Here's a photo, sorry if it comes out a bit big. Thanks for your help!!
  2. It looks like the interior is made of tan suede... what is the interior?
  3. yes, the interior is tan suede
  4. Rubs heads, hmmm doesnt seem right.
    Didnt think there was a mono bag with suede inside ?
  5. I haven't seen this one before :confused1: Have you cked the vuitton site? Maybe its on there.
  6. Hmmm... most fake bags I've seen have cheap tan suede interior...

    The canvas does look a little stiff... :s
  7. Hmmmm :shrugs: . I searched on Google and eBay for this and didn't find anything. Do you have a picture of the interior stamp or the date code? That would help a bit with authenticity.
  8. Never seen that bag before. I even have the monogram bible and it does not contain this. Where did the friend get it from do you know?

  9. The LV bible? O do tell! :yes: Cause if I don't have it, I want it :lol:
  10. Of course! I took pics for you:yes: The name is Only monogream but there are stuff on damier and Vernis etc too.
    Kuva 1115.jpg Kuva 1116.jpg Kuva 1117.jpg Kuva 1118.jpg Kuva 1119.jpg
  11. I don't like the looks of this - can you please post more pics?
  12. Ooooooooo! Thank you Nola! I need to get one of these "bibles."
  13. i dont know if it's fake.. because the alignment on both sides, and all over, are so even and perfect.. the leather strap looks like leather and not deli-meat.. i'm so confused! :confused1:
  14. Like deli meat? :roflmfao: :roflmfao: I am dying here. :lol: This one kind of confused me too. I've never seen it but I can't say its fake either. I ask the OP to post pic of the stamps and other areas but I guess she's not back here yet. :shrugs:
  15. Hey guys! Sorry I took so long to post again. Here are some more pics of the interior as well as the hardware and inside of the front pocket. My mom got the bag from a friend of my uncle who told my mom it was real. I'm not sure where she got it from. I've had trouble finding on on LVs site or eBay also. I can't seem to find an interior stamp or date code. I guess this would make it a fake??