HELP!!!!!! Which bag goes better w/ this dress - Pop Haut or Trevi??? (X-mas Party)

  1. hello SO's Christmas party is a day away, and I need to decide which purse to bring. The dilemma is that it's out of town and I'll need to take a bus right after work, so I don't want to bring an extra purse.

    My two work purses are the trevi and ph, and I plan to use the same purse at the Christmas party (it's just a dinner - maybs a lil dancing afterwards) - which one do you think I should bring to go with this plain black dress. (I know, I know...a cute epi pochette would've been a better match, but there's no time/money!)

    Thank in advance! :tup: I know I can count on my tpf-ers for a quick response - I'll be packing while you respond!!!
  2. My vote is the trevi. Great dress btw... :biggrin:
  3. you need an epi piece pronto, haha. but the Trevi's nice too.
  4. Trevi. Looking hot BTW:graucho:
  5. I vote for trevi too!!
  6. Use the Trevi.
  7. awww, thanks ive_flipped and lee69......can i just say, that the cost of that dress is less than 1% of the cost of my trevi - yeah, no joke!!! but i'm glad i can pull it off as something that looks decent and classy. :wlae: It's definitely my go-to dress, when I don't have time to figure out something else to wear.

    so far the trevi's in the lead (which is convenient since it's what i've been using for work so there'd be no need to switch!) one's thinkin' the ph??
  8. I think you should go with the pop haut.. It's a party so a smaller bag would be the best choice IMO
  9. lol my favorite go to dress cost about the same less then 1% of my purses ha ha ha. Have a great time at the party
  10. definitely the Trevi :tup:
  11. Trevi!
  12. I vote for trevi too!!
  13. trevi
  14. i think PH :p

    I just think the monogram would be a little dressier than the damier. You could also shorten the straps on the PH to be a handheld bag. :smile:
  15. ^^ I agree! I think the PH