Help!!!! Which bag do I keep? Sienna GSH or Sienna RH? Pics inside


Which should I choose?

  1. SGH PT

  2. RH PT

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  1. What on earth was I thinking having BalNY send me two bags to choose from........I'm the most indecisive person in the world. Okay, here's the info on the bags......both are PTs, one with Silver GH and one with RH. The SGH has the most gorgeous leather. The RH isn't as wrinkly as I would like but the color has more red/orange to it. Which do I choose? TIA


  2. Hmm, that's a tough one. Normally I would say keep the RH one, but that SGH color and leather are FAB!! Wow!! So I'm voting for the second one, HTH!
  3. They are both gorgeous and very different but I prefer the regular hardware. I love the leather and color on that bag. Is it the lighting, or is the patch of leather on the left of the top of the bag lighter than the one on the right of the GSH bag?
  4. I'm a total RH girl but in this case I prefer the color and the leather on the GH bag. Perhaps the SGH is bringing out colors in the brown leather? But they are both beautiful! Good luck! Let us know which one you're keeping.
  5. Wow! The Giant seems to be screaming 'keep me!' So i'll keep that one if i'm you. But then again, i'm a SGH fan, so i'm bias. :p
  6. The GH bag has amazing leather, but I think I like the RH one more, so that's the one I would keep. You have a tough choice to make because they are both fantastic :yes:
  7. OMG! i've been dying to see the sienna with the SGH! it's absolutely :drool: but i too think the RHW is a particularly nice colour. what about swapping the GSH PT for a GSH work & keeping the RHW PT! not a very cost effective :idea: i know but they are both such gorgeous bags! :yes:
  8. SGH all the long !!!!! :drool::heart::drool: GORGEOUS!!!
  9. I am voting for the RH this time.:tup:
  10. the SGH is beautiful! I like the leather and color better, plus it looks great with GH.:yes:
  11. I don't normally like GH, but the SGH sienna is gorgeous!
  12. I like the RH because of the reddish hue :tup:....althought the GSH is lovely, I think it would look better with GGH instead. Sienna + gold hardware= YOWSA!!:yahoo:IMO.....good luck and let us know what you decided.
  13. OMG! I love LOVE the SGH sienna part-time! It's so interesting! What an exciting combination of color, wrinkly leather, and silver studs! I am really in love quite unexpectedly! :nuts:Which is always nice.... but the question is, which one does your heart pitter patter for when you see?

    (if u want my opinion, keep the sgh sienna, it is amazing and very unique...I think after a while u will get bored with the rh sienna because the leather isn't as interesting as u like it...)
  14. Oh 'T' cracker :heart:- you're not alone, I always thought that I AM the most indecisive person in the world, glad to hear there's another one too;) !!
    B/c it's not my decision :rolleyes: it's easier to vote! I'd choose the GORGEOUS Sienna with RH :drool:

  15. hmmm toughie - but I'm usually not a big fan of GH and that SGH PT is really fabulous, so I'm going to say SGH!!! wowzers that leather, almost want to EAT it....