Help! Which Baby Bag Should I Get???

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    I already bought the Kate Spade Aubrey..pictured above, then I noticed that Coach has this new multi function question is does anyone know how the tote would hold up? Is it able to take a beating and still look good. I am really thinking of taking the Kate Spade back for the Coach..any thoughts would be great! Thanks!!
  2. I really like the longer cross body strap on the Coach. I have a coach bag made of this material (nylon) & it gets tossed around, thrown in my car, spills & it still looks brand new.
  3. Not that I'm partial or anything, but I think the Coach just looks better....
  4. Yeah, I like the coach bag also.
  5. I am partial to the Coach bag. It is really sharp looking.:yes:
  6. I have both a coach tote type diaper bag and a Kate Spade like the one pictured. I like the Kate Spade but it is not comfortable to carry with a baby. I also don't like the optic signature baby bags that Coach has had for the last few seasons. The very structured shape of it is not good for stuffing in the stroller basket or throwing in the car or putting on the floor when your kid needs attention. I like unstructured nylon bags that can take abuse and still look great. Good luck!

  7. I like the Coach. It makes me want to have a baby!!!

    I like it a lot more than the optic one.
  8. I like the Coach bag better. :yes:
  9. definitely the Coach!! :yes:
  10. I like the Coach bag better. The white on the straps add nice detail to it so it looks more interesting. I also think the combination of handles and the long strap would be more versatile and easier to use.
  11. Coach one for sure. I saw it today and it looks so dang comfortable to carry. I hope that they keep these baby bags around because when I finally decide to have a baby I have to have a Coach bag for it.
  12. I like the Coach!! Has a little bit of detail to it, so its not just plain black...

    On a side note, I have a Hampton's Nylon Tote from 2005 and its held up nicely. :yes:
  13. The COACH one!!!!!!
  14. in my opinion, i LOVE the signature optic baby bag! i have the khaki colored bag & i don't even have a baby! i use it as my book bag for class. it has so many pockets & compartments inside & i receive TONS of compliments! but if you have your heart set on those two, i would go with the coach. i'm personally more concerned with having more compartments to put stuff in & i love that the coach allows you to add a shoulder strap! good luck with your decision!

  15. DEFINITELY THE COACH!!! Here's why. The Kate Spade ones are almost impossible to clean. Your baby bag will get dirty, it's just how it goes. Plus, I feel like the Kate Spade ones don't hold their shape as well. The Coach one is better by miles and miles and miles!!!