Help! Which agenda to buy? *dilemma*

  1. So... I've been seriously thinking about getting an agenda to help organise my life...

    I was initially in love with the framboise vernis agenda. It's just soooooooooooo pretty!!! :love::love: So I made many trips to LV to look at the framboise agenda but I still couldn't make up my mind, cos it's so 'fragile', and I'm a huge klutz! :confused1:

    Then I saw the damier koala with the red interior!! It's gorgeous as well - not as pretty as the framboise - but I like the red interior. Damier is alot more functional as an agenda cos it's less fragile.

    So now I'm in a HUGE dilemma. Which one should I get??? HELP!!! :shrugs:
  2. vernis framboise! i don't own one, but i love the color! but you're right about damier, it's more practical, as you don't really need to be careful with it. it also looks very professional and classy!
  3. The vernis pretty.
  4. I have the frambroise vernis agenda, and (knock on wood LOL) have had NO issues with it.

    I say go with this won't regret it!!

    PS--I have had mine for like 3 months or so:smile:
  5. the vernis!! i just love looking at it and touching it haha.. and maybe get a koala wallet? becasue the wallet is soo cute!
  6. get the groom i have it and i love it!
    but p.s. you will have to spend more on the refills and pen...

  7. thanks,everyone! it's 4 votes for the vernis so far, and none for the damier... hmmm.

    couturegrl~ do you put it in the dustbag when u put it in ur bag for added protection? i'm just afraid i have to watch where i set it everytime, plus making sure i don't get ink marks etc.

    newaddiction~ hehe, gd suggestion! but i alr have the red epi koala wallet which i love :smile:

    latinmalemodel~ i saw the groom in red and thot it was cute, but the end decision was betw the damier and vernis!
  8. just to make things interesting, i'll vote for damier! i think it looks more professional than the vernis...
  9. but than again if you are choosing between the damier and vernis vernis it is!
  10. I also have the framboise agenda. It hasn't been a problem with keeping it new looking in my bag and I just use it as it, not using the dust bag. I have had quite a few agendas (not being able to make up my mind either!) but decided to stick with the framboise. I have the french purse also and have used it for a lot longer and it is also still in good condition. I figured pink would match everything I have so I went with it.

    I do have to say that I am VERY careful with pens and keep them put up at all times. Aside from that, I haven't had a problem with keeping it looking nice and new. (Besides, damier kinda clashes with monogram and other patterns, pink goes with everything except a few pieces!!)

  11. I have the vernis agenda for more than 8 months now and I use it daily, it's always in my bag. It's not fragile at all and there's no need to baby it. I don't baby it and it still looks brand new.
    Go for it, you'll love it!
  12. ^ITA!

    I don't baby mine, other than making sure I don't set it down on a dirty counter or something (but I would do that regardless of what agenda I had).

    I *do* put it in its dustbag when I am using my Black Epi Speedy, bc I heard that someone had problem with the black lining and the vernis agendas...I would rather be on the safe side with that one!! :smile:

    I also splurged and purchased a Tiffany's pen so that I know it is high quality and HOPEFULLY won't leak:smile:
  13. buy a PDA
  14. thanks everyone!

    sophiae~ i was leaning twd the damier for practical reasons and the red interior, but am swayed by the pretty vernis again!

    luvshopping90, tanja and couturegrl ~ thanks for all ur advice! gosh, there are so many votes for the vernis! and i'm so torn!

    mh21~ actually i had a pda before, and later switched to a pda phone,but i think i still prefer writing! heh.

    keep the votes coming!
  15. i have 3 cell phones they all have a mini key board and i still got a new agenda anyway!
    just go to the store and go with you'r heart and if you don't like it you can always exchange it!