Help! Where's the red jumbo with gold hardware?

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  1. I have waitlisted on so many lists & at so many stores. Yet I have not heard back from anyone.

    Any info on where I could get this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. someone just returned one to Chanel on 57th street. Call asap tues morning and maybe you can get it, ask for Brendon.
  3. Call Barbara at Chanel BH 310 278 5500 ext 226
    It seems like they had a few and I don't know if all were spoken for, but people might have given up their, it might be worth a call.
    Good Luck:tup:
  4. which nordstroms?
  5. I tried contacting every store again & was told it's all spoken for...& that I should put my name on the waiting list for a possible one in lambskin. Gesh! Another list & I might not even get it.
  6. Mine arrives back at the Boutique tomorrow.....let me know if you are interested, I can let the SA know.:heart:H
  7. i wasn't on a single list and ended up with two. persistence pays off.
  8. *hugs* Thanks habanerita for your help! You're so sweet! But I finally got a response back today...the SA didn't know where to send my bag so it was left in the bag was there all this time!
  9. Ive been looking for one for the past two weeks can someone help please?
  10. you might want to try contacting Galina at BG:


    i got my with silver hw from her and heard they have a new bunch of bags coming in..

    good luck!
  11. ^ Galina told me the caviars were all taken, but the lambskin is a better bet. If you want caviar, try calling the Nordstroms 1-800 # & they'll connect you to a store that has Chanel. Nordstroms just received their shipment & those initially on the waiting list already got theirs a SA should be able to locate one for you. That's where I got mine.