Help! Where to get repairs done?

  1. Hello everyone, I need help find out where to send my bad to have a repair done. I feel like it should be covered by YSL because the bag has had minimal use and the strap is coming apart, not the stitches, but the sides where it was glued(?) together. I really think it should hold up much better than it has. And yes, it is a REAL YSL, bought at department store.

    Can anyone help me?

    Thanks so much,

  2. I'm sorry that your bag is falling apart. I would take it back to the dept. store and they will most likely return it to YSL directly for repairs...or if it's very new, you may be able to request an exchange.
  3. If you are in San Francisco, ANTHONY's on Geary. YSL recommends them too.