help! where to find high heel boots with slim calf

  1. So I have very slim calf, i.e. 11" and I am short, which makes it difficult to find boots that fits and at the same time at least 4" high. I had once had my new leather boots altered to fit but they ended up of different size on the shafts, and I wanna kill the cobbler. :crybaby: I have thought of special order from CL or manolo but that will be too expensive, Retail + 20%.
    Please help!!!
  2. I have the same problem - very thin legs! I have a pair of Jil Sander boots that actually fit my calf - you might want to try that brand?
  3. Oh, and some of the suede Manolo boots I've seen in the past are actually really thin on the shaft
  4. Manolo are still too big on me
    I will definitely go try Jil Sander, hopefully they are high heeled. Thank you.