HELP!! Where to buy Louboutin in Cannes, France?

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  1. Girls, plase help me, i'll be in Cannes, France from oct. 17 to 22 and i can't seem to find where are the Christian Louboutin stores are located there. Please help. Thank you so much in advance!

    Also, do you guys know how much does a Very Prive pair costs in Euros? Thanks!
  2. hi , theres no need opening two threads ive responded to your other thread , you would have to ask the boutiques regarding prices , from whaqt i remembered VPs are about 490 GBP ..some where near there in Euro
  3. VPs are 520 euros
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    You might need to go to Saint Tropez - it's not that far. Also don't forget about Monaco - only about an hour by train
  5. Yes, but the SA in St tropez are so unfriendly!
  6. Thank you for the replies girls!. Unfortunately, I don't think i can go to st.tropez, i might get lost since it will be my first time to visit europe. =) anyway, if you happen to know a place where i can but CLs in cannes please let me know. =)
  7. If they don't list any stores in Cannes on the CL site, you are out of luck, I believe. That means they don't have any retailers who sell them there.
  8. Then Monaco it is. You cannot possibly get lost - you take a train from the station in Cannes (which is right in the centre of the town) and arrive in the middle of Monte Carlo in just over an hour. We are talking about tiny French towns in extremely safe well-to-do areas, not big dangerous cities.

    Alternatively, if you are staying in a hotel in Cannes, the concierge will advise you (maybe even in advance of your arrival).