Help: Where to buy a Dayglo?

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  1. After being on this enabling forum, I now want a dayglo or evening star. I want to buy today to get the promotions. Does anyone know who has some?

    Also, I was going to get the white because I have enough black but then I see that it comes in beige. Has anyone seen the dayglo in all three colors?

    Thanks for you help.
  2. LOVE the Day Glo ligne! Saks and Nordstrom should have them! It's the Buy 2 bags promotion at Saks now I believe so call them up and check if they do have the bags in the color you want. I recall a tpfer who got her bag recently. Hope she sees this! Good luck!
  3. Thanks Ladydeluxe. Have you seen them IRL? Have you seen the beige? TIA
  4. I have spotted the black dayglo at my Saks just a couple days ago. ASk for my SA MAddy 602-955-8000. She also has the evening star in white and black. good luck.
  5. Yep I did try the tote bag version and it rocked! I love the navy blue trims.. very outstanding although subtle. I'm not so sure about the white since I haven't seen it irl but I think it would be just as fab! FYI, the CC logo is lined in leather too.