Help! Where to buy a classic jumbo in UK?

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  1. Ladies, need your help urgently!! My dh is going to Scotland for a business trip. I want him to buy me a classic jumbo in black caviar. Understand that there's no chanel boutique in Edinburgh. He's gonna transit at Heathrow Airport when flying back. But the airport no longer stock iconic bags. Help!! Where else can he get me the bag in UK? Should I get him to get out of Heathrow Airport and go to the nearest Chanel boutique while in transit? Where will that be?
  2. There are several boutiques in central london - but how long is his transit? Unless he is staying overnight in London the logistics will need careful planning. Minimum 1.5 hours underground tube from Heathrow airport to the main shopping areas of Oxford Street ( Selfridges), Knightsbridge ( Harrods) or New Bond St ( flagship Chanel boutique). There are also smaller Chanel boutiques in Sloane Square and Brompton Road. You also need to allow travel time from the tube station to destination. Good luck.

  3. Hi Silkpearl,

    So it's 3 hours to and fro? The Chanel boutiques are not located near the tube station?
  4. Is 6 hours in transit sufficient to make a trip to central London to grab the bag and then back to the airport?
  5. Defo enough time! Harrods is just next to the Knightsbridge station and Selfridges is next to Bond Street station. Would suggest to go Harrods since it is located in the same tube line as Heathrow.
  6. Estimated time from Heathrow to Knightsbridge is 40min on the same line but then including waiting for tube make it 1hr.
  7. I would also suggest ringing in advance to determine which stores have the bag in stock so he doesn't waste time running around. I agree that Harrods would be the most convenient for DH if they have the bag in stock, if not the Sloane Street boutique is not far from Harrods.

  8. Yes, 6 hours are enough to travel between the airport and the store on bond street or stores around.
  9. If you are coming out of transit at Heathrow, dont forget to factor in time to go through immigration again going back in. Also you may want to get VAT back at the airport - sometimes there are queues for this too.
    Time of travel will make a difference in London - hitting rush hour between 4.30pm - 7pm can cause delays both to how fast you can walk through the crowds and the trains themselves.
  10. I'd call Chanel in Bond St. and ask if you can have it delivered to the Heathrow shop?
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    IMHO, Heathrow air port can be super hectic and once I was standing in line for 3 hrs at the border. I would suggest your DH to come to London and spend a day at London. If he can fly from Scotland to London early morning, he should be able to get out airport and do some shopping and spend a night at a hotel near by and then fly back next day. If he were to fly in to London and fly out same day ( timing will be a big issue) because at border ( it can take up to 3 hrs on a bad day) and also when he fly out if you want your VAT back it's another 2-3 hrs inside airport. ( lines are so long).

    Manchester selfridge UK also has chanel botique. Work out a plan with taking time into a serious consideration.
    Note: London has the most boutiques and selfridge, and Harroids for Chanel. Tube is best way to shop around London, but if it were me I would need a one day :smile:
    GL! & Hope you get your bag!
  12. There's also heathrow express 20 mins into paddington
  13. Paddington to oxford st / knightsbridge will definitely take longer than another 20 minutes due to tube changes and walking between stations. Picadilly line from Heathrow to Knightsbridge will be fastest and easiest, hopefully Harrods will have what you want. As another poster suggests, good idea to try to ring round the shops before your DH leaves Edinburgh to determine which is his best bet.
    I agree with Zaraha on time requirements - it is the queuing time at Heathrow which needs to be factored in and although you may be lucky, his plane is first one in and no queues - can't plan for that. Which terminal will he be using? Terminal 5 is massive - need to factor in 1/2 hour just to walk through it.
  14. This. I would call as well.
  15. How much does a small flap coat in London ? Or the smallest is a medium flap? Sorry I'm new to chanel :sad:
    I was thinking of shopping at heathrow during my upcoming london trip but now I'm scared after readingabt d queues.
    So it's safer to shop at Oxford st or other boutiques in central London or even Paris than in d airport ?


    Anyways for e thread starter , if transit is long enuff just go inside d city quickly n shop . Research online where r d Chanel boutiques n quickly ask him go there but same Time don't miss d flight
    As for airport true there maybe unexpected delays with long queues