Help..where to attach new purse charm?

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  1. I got a silver Zoe and a new flower purse charm in blue with a silver petal but I didn't realize that the clasp won't fit over the hardware on my Zoe! :nuts: It's too large. What has anyone else done to attach it to a bag with enormous hardware? :confused1:
    Thank you!
  2. I'll usually do it on the chain holding the Coach tag or if there's a loop on the zipper pull I'll put them there too.
  3. This is what I do as well...
  4. Another thing you can do is to take the actual clip off and there should still be a ring on it...put the chain that holds the hangtag on thru the ring. This all depends on how long the FOB is and how tou'd like it to hang. I'll show you how I just put the PEACE sign on my Ergo which also does not have a great place to attatch FOB's. I'll take a quick pic and BRB.
  5. Here's a pic for some help. It's a lil' bit frustrating when the hardware does not fit into the clips when this is JUST what they are made for, but I've run into it on many the bag. It took me awhile to get used to my FOB's not looking just picture perfect like I'd want them too, but I soon got over it. I feel that accenting the bag with FOB's and making it your "own" look is more important then the FOB being attatched JUST RIGHT!!!

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  6. Oh mine doesn't have a split ring like yours does in your avatar but I don't know why I didn't think of attaching it to my coach tag. Duh! I did that and it looks perfect.
    Thanks for your help! I know you'd know what to do! :smile:
  7. On my zoes I attach charms to the zipper pull.
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    i actually had another dog leash clasp thingy that was big enough to fit on the Zoe so I just attached the fobs to that one and put it on the purse...does that make sense? you can get them at hobby/craft stores.
    ( I would like to say that I am in no way advertising these dog leash clasp thingys. I do not sell them, nor am I associated with anyone who does, thanks)
  9. i buy the brass dog leash style clasps and put them on my favorite fobs. then they change out from bag to bag easily and the trigger clasp fits over all of the large brass rings on my bags. they work really great
  10. Oh. That is so cute. Good idea. Im going to use my fobs too now. I think im onto a new obsession. LOL. Love your peace one OP. So so cute.
  11. Where do you get them? What size do you get? I've found several places to order them online but I have no idea what size to get. I looked at walmart and Meijer so I could see them IRL and wouldn't have to guess about size but the only ones they had were huge.