Help! Where can I go bag shopping in Cape Town?

  1. We are planning to go to Cape Town during the Christmas holidays.

    Can anyone tell me where I can go handbag shopping? I know there is an LV & Gucci in Johannesburg. But I can't seem to locate any other brands in Cape Town or Johannesburg. Am particularly looking for Fendi and Chanel. But am open to other designers too.

    Desperately need my dose of handbags. Am starting to have withdrawal sypmtoms since moving to Nigeria. :drool: Help!

    Many thanks in advance. :flowers:
  2. Where are you guys? :confused1: Am desperately counting on you for advice...please help :sad:
  3. Let's hope someone can help you.

    Bump :smile:
  4. Unless things have changed since our last visit, I don't believe there are Chanel or Fendi boutiques anywhere in SA. I know there's good shopping to be had at Canal Walk in Cape Town, and Jo'burg has Sandton and Hyde Park.

    Enjoy your holiday!
  5. I'm a Cape Town girl! The previous poster is right, there aren't any flagship designer stores in Cape Town. But you can probably pick up some items at other boutiques. I would say that Cavendish Square and the Waterfront are the best shopping malls. There also used to be/is a shop called Wizards that is right across the street from Cavendish Square that stocks lots of designer clothing and bags. I live in Toronto now so I'm not sure if it is still there.

    Try these websites:

    And have a great holiday. It really is one of the most beautiful places on earth!
  6. Thank you all so very much for your help. :heart: :flowers:

    lady m, many thanks for the websites. They are really useful. I'm really looking forward to going there (with or without the bags!! :P )

    I hope Wizards is still there. I'm not necessarily looking for a flagship store, just as long as there are boutiques selling designer bags (like Matches or Browns in London).

    Thanks again everyone. Hugs!
  7. lady m, forgot to ask you: do you remember which designers they carried in Wizards? Many thanks again! :flowers:
  8. Here's the contact info for the Sandton Wizard's; maybe you can send them an e-mail and see what they're planning on having in stock for the holidays?
  9. evoque, thank you so much! :flowers: You are a star! I have sent them an e-mail query. Will post here once they send their reply for info sharing. Can't wait for their response!
  10. Thanks for finding the contact info for Wizards evoque. I didn't even know they were a chain. I can't remember which designers they stocked (it has been 4 years since I left!), but I remember them being quite exclusive.

    I recommend checking out Marion & Lindie, Hilton Weiner and Jenni Button for really good quality clothes. It will also be quite affordable with foreign currency.
  11. evoque, I got a response last night and it was *GASP* an undeliverable message. Guess the e-mail address is no longer valid. :sad: I double-checked at the Sandton City website and I couldn't locate any shops called Wizards. Maybe they've moved or no longer in business?! :crybaby: But appreciate your help anyway. It was really nice of you. :flowers:

    lady m, thanks for the additional tips. :flowers: Are those shops in Cape Town or J'Burg?
  12. Those stores are all in Cape Town located at Cavendish Square. You might also want try another shop at Cavendish Square Mall called Callaghan. They are a very high end store, and at the very least will be able to point you in the right direction.
  13. lady m, thanks so much. You have been a great help. I'm really looking forward to Cape Town now! ~sigh~ 3 months to go!:P