help where can i get this??!

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  1. hi everybody

    does anyone know where i can get the Jeans Moyen chloe paddy:confused1: ?
    im loving the colour:love: , but i cant find one anywhere....please help......
  2. Post your questions about authenticity in the Authenticate this Chloe thread. I'd say keep looking on Ebay as I have seen several authentic jeans moyen paddys there.
  3. Hi: I think that elizabeth*thomas has one for sale in her ebay store. I have purchased bags from her before and they are always authentic. She is also a super nice person!! Hope this helps.
  4. I was just going to find that one for you as I knew I'd seen a jeans moyen on ebay.
    The seller Eliz Thomas is entirely trustworthy, search on the forums for opinions on her. She is held in very high regard. I've been drooling over that bag for the past couple of weeks and I think the price has been dropped again. I'd say you've found your bag! Good luck, I'm VERY jealous :yes:

    (For peace of mind do search Elizabeth thomas in threads here as it will put your mind at rest!)
  5. Yes, please post all questions as to authenticity in the Authenticate This Chloe thread. Thank you!
  6. Hi, just wondering if you managed to buy that Jeans moyen paddy?. I really hope you did, it might stop me drooling over it for while! Let me know how you went :yes:
  7. yes please post pictures if you did buy it!!!
  8. i havent bought it yet, im trying VERY hard to find the money for it...i would see it when its christmas...nightmare!!!!:cursing:
    but ive been working extra hard and will hopefully get it very soon, ill post all the pictures when ive got it, so you guys can have a good old look!!!:smile:
  9. I know the feeling. It will be so satisfying though when you've really worked for the money and have a jeans moyen paddy to show for it. I love that colour so much:yes:. can't wait to see the pics
  10. there's one or two on ebay right now! You should look at the Authenticate this Chloe thread, people asked about the auctions there and at least one is definitely authentic.