Help...where can I get the Giant Day in Vert Gazon???

  1. Okay, so I first saw this bag when Katie Holmes was pictured with it on St. Patty's Day earlier this year. I love the bag, and I especially love the color. I am new to Balenciaga and have search the internet to no avail. Does anyone know where you can purchase a B bag? I just hope the Day is still available in this beatiful green!

    I am kicking myself for not checking out the store in NYC when I was visiting last week!

    If you have any information it would be helpful since I am a newbie.

  2. [​IMG]

    Hopefully this link works...if it does you'll see Katie Holmes pictured with the bag. Of course, all of you Balenciaga fans probably know what it looks like already!
  3. :crybaby:Yeah, I`m still looking too.
    No vg around....:crybaby:
  4. that was a VERY popular should be sold out by now! Good luck! :smile:
  5. :wtf:oh nooooo.....If one comes around , I will be
    fast to act....I think I can still find one.:rolleyes:
  6. I just got home from a vacation in Barcelona and was actually going to make a thread with this info since a lot of people is still looking for this popular bag.
    I went to the only store that carries balenciaga in Barcelona and they had not just one but three Vert Gazon Giant Day left. I was very tempted myself but ended up buying a beautiful violet work with silver GH.
    The store is named Santa Eulalia and I got amazing service! The SA I spoke to was just so super nice and helpful but unfortunately I didn't get her name.
    So go get those Days girls!
  7. ^^ Wow, I am surprised that they still have some left. VG is such a pretty color.
  8. ^^ I know! I asked if they had any colours from last season left and I almost couldn't believe my own eyes when she brought them out:wtf::nuts:! And three!I also thought that they had sold out everywhere.
  9. :confused1:Are you sure they were vg giant daybags???:nuts:
  10. ^^ Yes I'm positive. I have been wanting something in FB or VG myself so I asked the SA if she had anything left from last season. And she brought out a truffle city GH, anthracite hobo, anthracite weekender GH and a VG GH DAY. I then asked if she had any other VG GH Days left to compare leather and she brought out 2 more.
    But I decided against it since I fell in love with the violet work:love:
  11. :yes:Just called the boutique....maybe I can get
    the vg daybag, the SA will call me back today....:tup:
  12. I called, then they called me back all the way from spain.
    A very nice Lady (SA) told me that they did not have any daybags in this
    green color at all.(VG)
    But they would be able to help me out with any other colors from this
    No luck...oh well...