HELP!! Where can I get Giant Vert Deau?

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  1. Can anyone please let me know where I can get Giant Vert Deau (city, day, brief or work)? Aloha Rag only has the regular hardware.

    TIA!! :heart:
  2. didnt giant hardware come after vert d'eau color?
  3. I returned a vert d'eau giant day bag to BalNY about a month to see if they still have it! Nothing was wrong with it - it was gorgeous - but the color just isn't me. :yes:
  4. RealDealCollection has DAY with Gold G/H :yes:

    Such a pretty combo :heart:
  5. ^^ yep, I saw it on there too.
  6. does the giant go by another name? what are the dimensions?
  7. I know that all of the above styles were made in Vert D'eau w/GH, but there were never very many of them available...few and far between, it seems. BalNY had the day, work, part time, and maybe the city (can't remember). They definitely did not have the brief, though, because I remember my SA calling me and telling me they didn't order it. The only vert d'eau brief w/GH I ever remember seeing was one bought by someone who lives in Europe, so I don't know if it was ever available in the US.

    You might call BalNY just to see if they have any left...but it's doubtful. If anything they might have a Part Time ...