Help - where can I get a chanel bag authenticated?

  1. So - I foolishly bought a chanel bag on eBay without doing some proper investigation. Unfortunately, it seems I have bought a fake chanel bag. I have called a couple of local chanel boutiques but none of them will authenticate the item. If I can not prove that the item is not authenticate, I will not get my money refunded. I live in McLean VA - could someone provide advise?
  2. My Poupette is SLOW if they ever even bother to get back to you. I would recommend contacting, as everyone says that she's wonderful. She used to be with MyPoupette and has now gone out on her own.
  3. Thank you very much to you both! I will try Carol Diva!
  4. I've used Carol before and she is fast,very good.She is specialized in Louis Vuitton, not sure if she will authenticate Chanel.:tup:
  5. Have you contacted the seller and asked for a refund? Have you posted a link to the auction in the Chanel subforum? The seller might be satisfied if the experts here say it's fake. I once got a Chanel fake and just emailed back and forth with the seller a bit, once she knew I wasn't going to roll over and give up, she refunded my money.

    (Carol is great. Please let us know if she does Chanel.)
  6. I had contacted the seller, and she never made mention of a refund, just that she did not sell fake bags. I instantly freaked and opened a claim with paypal. I've since emailed her and she has not responded. I'd be more willing to deal with her directly than through paypal if she didnt have 0 feedback! :sad:

    Thank you for all your input and insights! I will let you know if Carol in fact authenticates Chanel.
  7. I've always used Carol to authenticate my LVs AND Chanels. She is fast, friendly and direct. Plus a lot cheaper than mypoupette. Best of luck to you!
  8. I grew up in Vienna, VA....I assume that you have checked with Chanel at Fairfax Square?