Help, where can I find white classic flap caviar?

  1. Hi,

    I'm living in Sweden. I've been searching for a small (9" , the SA in UK called it medium), classic double flap caviar with silver hardware forever. I've been calling to so many boutique in Europe. Does anyone know where I can find it?

  2. my NM had several white flaps last time I was in. Can you order from the states?
    LMK and I'll post my SA's info.
  3. The States still have plenty.
  4. thanks Swanky and LMK, yes, please, that'd be great.
    As far as I know, within EU there's no issue with custom but from outside EU could be the case. Does anyone know if I'll have to pay custom for that or not?

    many thanks,
  5. I think it's probably best for me get it somewhere in EU, after all the bag will be shipping from France to US and then ship back to Sweden would be quite a long trip. I will try to find one in EU. If anyone see white caviar medium (9") with silver hardward somewhere in EU please let me know.
  6. claasic flap new chain at nm san antonio texas
  7. i saw one at the beverly hills chanel yesterday. i'm not sure if they do charge sends to europe though?