HELP! Where can i find these Louboutins?

  1. Hi everyone :smile:

    I need your help. I just came accross these Christian Louboutin Pompadouce satin peeptoe shoes and it was love at first sight :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    Can someone please tell me when they were released and where i would be able to find these online or order them over the phone in a size 35 or US5? I have tried Neiman Marcus, Net a Porter, Footcandyshoes and eBay with no luck :sad:

    Please help!!!:yahoo:

    Here's what they look like.

    louboutin pompadouce pink 1.jpg
  2. Call both of the Christian Louboutin boutiques in madison ave and horatio st in manhattan, ny. New York boutiques are usually very informed and are up on the latest news.
  3. Thanks j'aime_vuitton, you're such an angel :flowers: i will definetely try that :yes:
  4. Wow, Pompadouce.....those are TDF but they are from 2+ years ago. I missed out on those back then (well surely couldn't afford Louboutin's back then!) and it's a shoe on my wish list for special/customs-orders. I'm 99.9% sure none of the boutiques or stores anywhere would have this shoe left, but you can still call and double-check for sure. That shoe is such a piece of art!
  5. Woah, those are gorgy!
  6. Still my dream Louboutin, I wish I could find a pair! :heart:
  7. Wow, those are stunning! I wish they were currently available as well! Good luck in your search and keep us posted.
  8. WOW, they are stunning! Let us know if you find them!

  9. These look like Christian Louboutin's take on Manolo's Sedaraby.
  10. Those are so pretty and feminine! My mouth is on the floor!
  11. Yeah, im pretty sure you missed out on those.
    Try eBay & post in CL section of the forum.
  12. I wish Mr Louboutin would re-release this pair! I think that it was about 2004/05 that I fell in love with these...and subsequently with Louboutins. If anyone has a pair, I would love to see photos! :cloud9:
  13. OOoh, they're so pretty!
  14. They are gorgeous! I would love to be able to buy them too :yes:
  15. You could look into special ordering them, though it would cost a little more.