Help-where Can I Find Medium Silverado Tote?

  1. Hi!
    I'm new here. I really want to buy medium silverado tote in Black.
    I just called SCP Nordstrom and they did have the silverado tote in black but she didn't know the size and the price was $1600.
    She thought it was kind big for medium size. Need Help!!!
  2. Do you want the bag with the zippered top or open top? Check the thread by Tod who has a Silverado open top tote. There is also a picture in that thread of the black open top tote on page 2.

    The zip top is called a satchel.
  3. Call all the Chloe boutiques. I don't know the number for the one at SCP but here is the mall website..
  4. I already tried there and they told me that they don't have silverado black tote anymore.
    I guess I will call the other Nordstrom stores.
  5. ^^^L

    The retail is $1635. Sku #3605800170129 washed buffalo black.

    Call any Nordstrom and they should be able to find it for you with this info.
    Good luck.:yes: