HELP - Where can I find black chanel reissue, with gold hardware in size 228

  1. I saw several people on eBay are selling it, but after calling around chanel boutiques, Saks and nm, they said 228 only comes in sliver hardware:confused1:. PLEASE HELP!!! I really want it. Please pm with any info or details. Thanks.
  2. you probably won't be able to find any in the stores by now as they were released in 2007, your best bet is still eBay for now..... until Chanel decides to release it again.
  3. The one that I'm talking about is Black Crackled (that looks Metallic) Reissue in size 228. NM is getting them in size 227 with gold hardware. The one that you are referring to is made out of mat Lamb Skin and indeed was released last year. But that's not what I am looking for :nogood:
  4. OIC.... I thought you were talking about the black distressed leather :smile:, yes they are releasing the Black crackled, hope you'll get one soon.
  5. Oh I just saw that bag today in Vancouver (BC) Holts. That store calls it the large (226 = small, 227 = medium, 228 = large) but if you're going to get it make sure you're getting the one that cost around $3000 cuz the 227 is $2800. Oh and I saw the other sizes in the bigger Chanel store also over the weekend.
  6. Chanel in toronto Canada have them in size 228, 227 and 226, just saw them last week.
    Hope you will find one soon. good luck.:yes: