Help! Where can I find a min-bowling or a bowling?

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  1. Hi there,

    I would :heart: to get a min-bowling or a bowling. I've checked with Bal SG and Bal HK but I couldn't find any. Can someone drop me a PM or give a holler here on where I can get hold of one, besides the one posted on RDC?

    Thanks much
  2. There was on on **ay last week that ended without a bid maybe you can check completed auctions
  3. I think someone said a few weeks ago that Aloha Rag still has one or two.
  4. Thanks for the response.

    I've checked with aloharag a few weeks ago and they don't have bowlings anymore.:crybaby:
  5. RDC has two that were just marked down. Both are 2006, one black and one blueberry.
  6. That Blueberry is such a pretty color - I wish that style worked for me!!! Good luck with your search.
  7. hi, there's one on the uk ebay:tup: it's in natural. hope this helps
  8. Ronsdiva, thanks but the bluberry has two nips at the base.

    madaboutchloe, thanks too but I don't like the natural colour.

    Ooops, seems like I'm fussy. Pardon me but please keep a lookout for me. TIA
  9. hi sparkle, realdeal have one in french blue:smile::yes:
  10. Madaboutchloe, thanks! I'll check it out now