Help! Where can I find a large black w/ white CC's Cambon tote??

  1. Help! I currently have a brand new black with white CC's small/medium bucket tote (I know, I was lucky even finding that). But, I feel it is too small for me :crybaby: . I have been searching eBay for a while and can not even find it on there. I called Chanel's 800 number and they said there are none in the nation. What is a girl to do?? I love love love this bag and am not really a fan of the reporter style cambon, so the large tote is really the only one I'd be interested in...HELP!!
  2. yikes, i know exactly how you feel now, i am in the same stage. Definitely call up the 1800, they will help you locate the tote if there's anyleft in USA for sale. Good luck!
  3. hey, if I'm not wrong, I think that there is one in Chanel Singapore. Try calling up to check?
  4. They're out of production, only black on black or beige on beige is stocked now here.
    Check eBay.
  5. OK, supposedly the large is being trickled slowly into various stores. Has anyone seen them anywhere yet??
  6. There is one in HARRODS if you're in UK
  7. YEAP YEAP!! :yes: we have quite a big range of the cambon line left over here!
  8. CHANEL at the Mall of America had one last week. Currently they still have one in black with black patent C's.
  9. Thanks CHANELboy. I called there and was told they did have one left in black w/ black CC's. Do you know when to expect a shipment of black with white CC's or do you just get bags at random without knowing ahead of time? Thanks for the info!
  10. there's NO buying/selling/trading here at all, we will ban for this!
  11. Charlene_, do you know if Singapore still has the pink large cambon tote? Thanks!