HELP!! Where can I find a KOOBA ELISHA tote?

  1. OH how I wish there was a KOOBA subforum...but maybe one of the Kooba fashionistas can help me locate the Kooba elisha tote in blonde.
    I first saw it here posted from NM....
    Other than NM, have any of you seen the bag for sale?
    I cannot seem to find any mention of it anywhere!
    Any info would be incredibly appreciated.

  2. The only place that I can find a Kooba Elisha is at NM. It's a beauty! And they now have it in black, too.
  3. It's a pretty new bag. I think you would have to wait a bit for it to show up on other sites. I think it's lovely!
  4. I'm in that same place with a Nicole. I think I want this bag but I want to see what all available colors there will be and right now it's only on Elux. Plus it's confusing because Elux shows it in brown and the color slide says it's available in Ivory or Rose (????)
    It's gonna take awhile until we see the full Spring Line. My trusty Kooba seller says he won't get any Nicoles or Ninas for 2 months. I have a wait on my hands because I want a deal. Even a small deal makes me feel better than paying retail.
  5. I found another Kooba Elisha tote but this one is in red! It's at Active Endeavors and I believe that it just came up on the site this morning.
  6. ^^I LOVE the RED too!!!
    I bought my paige from active endeavors, I would def. buy from them again.. No tax and free shipping and it's a done deal for me...
    What do you guys like better - red or blonde??
    I want for the spring/summer, but RED is my FAVORITE color....
  7. WOW.

    i was just thinking of finding a perfect red bag last the Elisha is definitely on my list!
  8. Never mind
  9. The red is hot. Chodessa, if you order it, let me know how you like it!
  10. OMG the red Elisha is now on my wishlist! I LOVE her!
  11. I saw this bag in Lucky recently and thought to myself Me likey! It's cute. I've been wanting a Kooba, now they just need to go on sale!:yes:
  12. I'm def. going to get the bag, but leaning towards the blondie with the spring coming...I will DEFINITELY post pics BabyK....but I can already tell you my response....I'M GONNA LOVE IT!! I haven't had a Kooba yet that I haven't LOVED...:heart::heart::heart::heart:
  13. O MY GOD THE RED IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that may be my next buy!
  14. It's so pretty I love it ! I'm in love with the red color :love:
  15. Gosh, I always Hate red bags but that bag is The BOMB!!!
    And I wasn't really interested in the Elisha until I saw it in Red.
    UGHHHHH! Now I want 3 bags from The Spring Line.