Help.....Where can I buy some Antik Denim?

  1. I love the one pair of Anik Denim I have and I want MORE!!! I prefer actual stores so I can try the style and size out. Trustworthy websites are welcome too.
  2. i saw lots of antik jeans at my tjmaxx yesterday. perhaps you should try there too!
  3. select macy*s carries Antik. Nordstroms, Saks, and NM as well.
  4. If there's a nearby Neiman Marcus Last Call, go check it out. That's where I got mine for less than $70. HTH!
  5. bloomingdales also
  6. There's going to be a Sample Denim Sale at the LA Convention Center this weekend. I think Antiks go for $99 at the sale.
  7. Thanks everyone...I will check out the stores you gals mentioned!

    atn242, I went to TJMAXX didn't see any but I got a pair of Rock & Republic jeans.
  8. rock & republic? i love them! btw, i went to loehmanns today and they had lots of antiks. i didnt check the price, but you should try there if there's one near you!
  9. thanks atn242, I just went to Loehmanns today and got a pair of antik jeans with 20% because I sign up for their card. I can't believe the selection....they have True Religion, Sevens...
  10. off 5th Saks has antik..and there are usually 30% off or buy one get one half off
  11. I love love love Antik's....I need more in my closet.
  12. My Nordstrom rack and Off Saks always has some and they are decently priced.