help~Where can I buy loewe handbags?

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  1. Does any one know about this brand?
    I really love it, however, I didn't see it in nyc.
    Where can I buy it??
  2. ^I found some stores on :smile:


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  3. I own two Loewe bags and IMAO the leather is the best! way better quality than my LV or Gucci,I think the quality you get for your money is very very good,also the metallic parts in my bags are gold plated and havent lost its shine or color at all, unlike most of my other purses
  4. Hi Elliespurse

    Thank you so much!!!:heart::heart:

  5. Yes, I knew it. That's why I want to find the store to buy. But I think
    this brand is not popular in U.S.A.. :sad: