Help! When you are craving something unhealthy, what do you turn to?

  1. I have SUCH a sweet tooth, what do you eat that's healthy that can stop my craving? I am a big chocoholic, and I am trying to be good right now. And don't say eat one little piece of chocolate because I will do that anyway lol. I am looking for alternatives. Thank you in advance! :tup:
  2. When I have a terrible sweet tooth I usually have a small handful of yogurt covered raisins, they are soooo sweet they take that craving away quick.
  3. I tend to snack on strawberries, granola, yogurt, honeycrisp apples, melon (any fresh fruit, really), cinnamon toast (just cane sugar or honey and cinnamon w/a bit of butter on a slice of whole wheat bread, toasted), etc.

    But honestly, I don't see an issue with chocolate. The best way I've found to discourage eating tons of it is to start out by eating fresh fruit. Fill up with a bit of that, then eat your chocolate; you'll eat less that way, since you'll be full. Apples are especially good for this, due to their fiber content (fiber fills you up quickly).
  4. ^^They also have chocolate covered prunes that taste just as good as chocolate covered raisins.
    I tend to hit the frozen yogurt shop down the street. They also have just the right flavor to hit the spot.
  5. I crave chocolate a lot, too. I buy sugar free pudding cups, and I keep chocolate and vanilla (satiates my ice cream cravings) on hand. They're only 45 calories per cup. You could have five chocolate pudding cups and STILL not consume as many calories that you would eating the average bar of chocolate! And at 45 calories per serving, they're still less than HALF the calories of a single serving of my favorite brand of light yogurt. As long as you don't eat like three or four of them at a time, it's a wise choice.
  6. I snack on fat free yogurt or pistachios, or almonds.
  7. Though I don't generally have a strong sweet tooth, when it does hit I eat frozen grapes. They're sort of like nature's candy - so sweet, yet healthy! And of course they taste great.

    If you are just really craving chocolate, I'd suggest whipping up a mug of Swiss Miss Diet Hot Cocoa. Add a dollop of light whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon on top. It will all be right under around 35 calories, and it'll last you a little longer than a chocolate bar will :smile:
  8. Sugar free fudgicles or I make my own hot choc: skim milk, 1 tsp hersey baking coco, powdered kind, splenda or 2 tsp. sugar. and microwave 45 seconds, stir and microwave again about 40 seconds.

  9. Have you tried really dark chocolate? Lindt makes one thats 80% cocoa. It's extremely chocolatey, but it's so bitter it's almost impossible to overindulge. Plus, it's healthy because of the antioxidants.

    I was never really into dark chocolate before, but I've gotten really into it lately. I have an emergency bar of chocolate in the pantry that's Lindt Dark Chocolate with Cherry and Chili. It's hardcore chocolatey, bitter and spicy all at once. I've never been able to eat more than 2 squares of the stuff. But when I have a strong craving it does the trick. If it was Cadbury milk chocolate I would've devoured it a long time ago!!!
  10. chocolate rice cakes yumm
  11. Chocolate ice cream for me and I can't find alternative :smile:
  12. If I crave something I eat it!!! But, I normally don't crave a lot of unhealthy food, but when I do I give in!
  13. Trader Joes has dark chocolate covered edamame. It is so delicious and full of antioxidants and soy protein.
  14. Honestly, if I seriously crave something I eat so much of it that it makes me sick. Then I don't want it again for a long time.
  15. Mmm these chocolate covered things sound delicious, good idea! Especially the edamame! Thanks, everyone!