HELP: When is Paris spring fashion week?

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  1. Hi all. I'm going back to Paris (my second time, first stop...the Dior on Avenue Montaigne where I first had my epiphany there when I was 16) in April or May of 2007. Does anybody know WHEN exactly the fashion week occurs? Also, I read somewhere (book or magazine) that you can usually get into a ready-to-wear show if you look like you're interested, is this true? Where can I find some kind of schedule of locations and any info about the fashion shows when they occur?

    Does anybody have any faveorite stores/boutiques to go to in Paris and if so, where are they ?


  2. Now that's my kind of thread. I don't know the dates for the 2007 fashion week, but I do know my shops! :lol: More on that in a little bit, I'm gonna be late to the office, lol.
  3. i don't know the exact date but it's definitely before april. paris f/w is usually end of feb./beginning of march.
  4. I too plan to go to Paris, in early May! Looking forward to your next post Perja :biggrin:
  5. Paris fashion week was less than a month ago. The ready-to-wear shows will be around early March. It's the last city to throw them. It starts with New York right around Valentine's Day, goes to London (which many editors skip), then Milan then Paris. Sorry, you are right in the middle of the cycle.
  6. Damn, I'm going to miss it! I had no idea it was in March. Well then that settles it, I'll arrange to be there on my birthday, and make a pilgrimage to Avenue Montaigne!! Perja, please tell me some great places to shop! Thanks everybody.
  7. The parties may be a lot easier to get into than the shows, fyi. If you are on asmallworld, people always post parties on that. Otherwise the popular clubs/lounges tend to be overbooked with fashion parties during that week.
  8. Wow, sorry guys, I'm such an assh*le, I forgot about this thread.

    Fashion week is mid-Feb, early March at the latest. So it'll be way over when you come here.

    However, favourite shops:

    Jerome Gruet - rue St Roch - 75001 Paris
    Great for summer totes and unusual accessories (I scored a delicious pair of coral earrings there). Cheaper than the US and definitely loads of choice. You can even custom order a colour combination if you can't find one that you love.

    Repetto - rue de la Paix
    Fabulous dancewear and recently, city shoes (ballet flats but not repetitive. Models are usually with a twist of some kind, which makes them really great)
    The shop is going to be refurbished so they're moving to a temporary location (PM me before you come over and I'll check the address).

    Printemps - boulevard Haussman
    My very own shopping Mecca. It has everything. You get a 10% discount upon presentation of a foreign passport OR 12% detax if you are leaving the EU. There are coupons online you can print out.

    Galeries Lafayette & Bon Marché
    I'm not quite a fan but there are big brands there and a different selection, so be sure to check them out if you haven't found what you wanted at the Printemps.

    Conran Shop - next to the Bon Marché
    Designer stuff. Mostly homeware but there are accessories and cute things like the Oromono cushion.

    Good for a visit even if you can't afford anything:

    Hermes - rue du Faubourg St Honore
    The window displays are gorgeous and there are just so many things to see. They even sell the books there, so don't be afraid to walk in (during opening hours, Oprah).

    Avenue Montaigne and the "Triangle d'Or"
    It's the It place with all the biggest luxury brands (Dior, Chanel, Chloe...)

    Louis Vuitton - Champs Elysees
    So many Vuitton, so little space. Check out the upper stories for clothing, shoes and runway stuff. Also some of the trunks. Ground floor dedicated to accessories.

    Lancel - Champs Elysees
    The flagstore is very conceptual in its architecture so it's worth a glance and if you can't afford Hermes or Vuitton, they offer good quality bags in a range of styles that you might like (I do, and when I was a student/freelance worker, they were my choice).

    Places to eat

    Any Laduree tea rooms
    Delicious cakes and macaroons in a very quaint setting and gorgeous drinks (tea, hot chocolate). Stay away from the coffee because it's expensive and nothing special compared to the rest of the selection.

    Just kidding. I love Starbucks but it's not really French, is it ;)

    There are tons of little restaurants in Paris, so it's really a question of where you're going.

    More to come as I think of it. Oh and if you want a tour guide of the area, hit me up, I'm quite happy to run around town looking at stores. <- This applies to anyone coming through Paris
  9. Perja already told you a lot, I agree: Printemps is the best and I am also a big big fan of Lancel !

    Laduree is very very good! You can also go to Berthillon for sorbets and ice creams (a lot of differents original flavors) on l'ile saint louis (it is also sold in a lot of cafes around Paris). Also if you like chocolate (traditional) and also pastries,
    you can try the tea room: Angelina, rue de Rivoli, 1er arrondissement.

    For clothes:
    Check also Vanessa Bruno shop (I really like her bags but also her clothes) and Zadig & Voltaire (several around Paris).

    In the neighborhood of the Saint-Sulpice church (6e arrondissement), you can find great shops and it's a very nice area to walk around.

    Rue Etienne Marcel is full of fashionable shops (1er arrondissement)

    I would also recommend to go to rue mouffetard (in the 5e arrondissement), it's got a lot of little shops, especially for food,artisanal shops, it's great.
  10. Don't forget Colette on rue St. Honore. It's the beyond trendy (some say over-hyped) boutique that specializes in up and coming designers. You'll see some American labels (I think they were the first to sell Rogan and maybe Marc by MJ in France) but also some indie labels as well. A lot of limited edition, made for Colette items by very well known designrs. Hedi Slimane, Karl Lagerfeld, Martin Margiela and even Lacoste have had collaborations with Colette. First floor is jewelry, gadgets, electronics, books and toys; lower floor is their Oxygen Bar; upstairs and mezzenine sells clothing.

    Oh yes, they are almost the epicenter of the up and coming "avant garde" fashion crowd, especially during fashion week. They always throw crazy parties. Befriend a salesperson and ... good luck!
  11. I'm with the Colette = over-hype.

    Also, around the Bon Marché, there is Prada and other major brands. Don't miss Sonia Rykiel, on St Germain (with satellite shops in the adjacent streets) for true French fashion. Dim (rue de Passy) has cute, cheap underwear and now a range of fashionable comfy clothing. Sabbia Rosa is all about gorgeous, luxury underwear.
  12. This is great! I will definately go to Printemps and Colette and Avenue Montaigne (I'm a Dior lover)! I'd love to save enough bucks and buy a Chanel bag, are they cheaper there?? In general, are luxury items sold at the same price in Euros as they are in Dollars here in the US (for example, $500 bag here sold for 500Euros there?).

    Also, does anybody know any great vintage shops or even flea market areas in Paris??

    We should start threads as City Guides for stores and fashion Meccas!!!

  14. No, not necessarily. From experience, I'd say the prices are lower on French brands, ex: Chloe, where prices are about $100 lower (depending on item and locations)

    There is a flea market with antiques (so maybe vintage clothing stores as well at Porte de Clignancourt but I should warn you that it is a rather unsavoury area and I don't recommend going there alone.
  15. Hermes - rue du Faubourg St Honore
    The window displays are gorgeous and there are just so many things to see. They even sell the books there, so don't be afraid to walk in (during opening hours, Oprah).

    Thats hilarious!!!!:lol: