help, what's your fave day/hobo color?

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  1. i'm thinking of exchanging my new rouge day hobo tomorrow :Push: ...i've decided the color is too bright for this city girl (but i'm keeping my emerald purse)...the only other b-bag i have is my black twiggy...whaddayouthink gals???
  2. rouge is great color though! i think you should give it a chance! sometimes you just need to get used to it!
  3. i know, it's a beautiful color, there's no denying...guess i'm just worried i'll feel like a bit of a target walking around nyc with it...i'm traditionally a black-clothes wearing girl & have only recently tried breaking out into new emerald green bag is gorgeous, but not as bright, so i guess i feel more comfortable with that one...i'm thinking i should probably go for ink or grey...hmmmmmmmmmmm :hrmm:
  4. totally agree!!!! :amuse: but at the moment, i'm really loving the INK! :lol:
  5. yeah, i saw the ink too today & it was really pretty...i thought i was ready to break out into brighter pastures, but, alas, i think it's too soon for me :shame:
  6. If you want something sublet then ink. My personal fave is my pewter but that would be far too blingy for you lol. The ink is good, like black except more chamelon like depending on the light.
  7. Is cornflower an option? The bags I've seen on PF in that color look amazing!
  8. thanks so much for your replies everyone!!!...i really appreciate it since i need to make a decision soon (i've only got 10 days to exchange it)...i think you're all right about the ink being a good choice...i'll let you know what i decide tomorrow & anyone else wants to chime in, by all means do :yes:

    p.s. i love your tag carolyn, the same goes for me!!!
  9. i think the cornflower is such a pretty color, but i think it's too light a blue for me & my wardrobe :sad:

  10. yea I hate how blue is sometimes hard to match with! Definitely go for the INK! :yes:
  11. Aww, aaallabama.. I love the 05 rouge and don't think it's too loud or bright. But it's up to your own comfort level. I think the Hobo should be in a lighter, more fun colour so I'd vote for a grey instead of the ink:smile: Or what about the rose pink? That's a really pretty colour too.
  12. I think that lighter colors work better in the Day. I originally bought a Day in rouille (rust/orange-red) and it didn't look right...

    I recently saw it in the tan/caramel and olive green/origan colors--it looked much better in those shades. I'd go with a lighter color with the Day.
  13. I definitely agree that Rouille is better in small doses (my Twiggy!!), so for the Day I'd go with something darker. I've seen girls with a deep olive one that looks amazing...but my favorite is probably the ink. It's chic and not overdone.
  14. i agree, a lighter color. like a white, or light blue, light gray or something, gray blue that is coming out!! pink.... lilac is ok.
  15. I have to disagree as I got the rouille in the hobo. I think it is a deep enough color that it doesn't stand out too much.

    edit -- oops. didn't answer your question re the rouge. why don't you post a picture tonight? the rouge is definitely brighter but i think it all depends on the person and how you can carry it off. it is about the same size as a purse just taller and not as wide (and only slightly bigger than the city) so i think anythink that works for those can work for the hobo. just my thoughts.