Help! what's wrong with Hermes boutiques!!

  1. I called couple of Hermes boutiques ( London ,Paris )
    They speek with a loud voice that's One ..

    Me : Hi! can I ask about the avaliblity of birkin bag & if you have the waiting list for the bags open !

    Hermes : No !!!! the list is closed & we don't have the bag in store of course ( & even if we have it we can't let you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! over the phone ) .

    Me : Ok , that's fine .. when are you going to have the next list .

    Hermes : Maybe Augest , but we not sure .

    Me: Ok , can you please take my number & call be back if you have the list . ( Since I'll be in london in Augest )

    Hermes : No , sorry

  2. Can you even remotely imagine how many calls they get per day asking for the Birkin? Triple digits would be my guess.

    Check out our forum and you will see that they in most cases sell Birkins to established customers. You should go into the boutique, develop a relationship and THEN a Birkin will come to you.
  3. Mira.. i would recommend visiting Hermes boutique once u r in london. Then u can talk about leathers, colors, availability.. u wont regret visiting the me :smile:
  4. :yes: At least triple digits. I have been in the store with my SA and been interrupted every 5 minutes by people asking for a Birkin. No exaggeration! So can you imagine trying to take care of that many people?
  5. I think I would be screaming like that as well if I had to answer call after call of people asking the same thing over and over.... :rolleyes:
  6. I don't agree with you ,,, They work in Hermes , they should be profissionals in customer treating !

    I have to the the store couple of time before & the answer I get " the list is always close "!!!

    but once they said that they have a croco black kelly bag with dimonds ( i saw it ) but it's not the bag i'm looking for & it's tooooooooooooooooooo expensive
  7. I have to agree with you Mira. They should be a bit more professional than that. It is a high end boutique. I just think that if you work in the sales/service industry, you must (try your best) to be professional at all times.

    On the other hand, I can only imagine how many calls they really do receive asking about Birkins. Whoa!
  8. No matter how many calls they get or how exclusive a bag is, they should still treat callers with respect. And if they get more calls than they can handle, then they should be hiring more SAs, not yelling at prospective customers who are interested in their merchandise.
  9. Mira, my very first experience with H was not pleasant. I was young then. In my mid/later 20's and they were the least interested to serve me. I was then in my gym gear and definitely not very respectable in the eyes of the Hermes SAs.

    Take a breath. Re-think your strategy and try again. I swore off Hermes for a few years, and then it hit me with a worse addiction that I'd never imagined. The fact the my store manager invited me to her store to study the leathers ... that was the winning point for me.

    I think when they told you about the diamond Kelly, they were seriously using it as bait to tease you. Not nice. But I think they have their ****load of walk-in customers asking about birkins on a daily basis that they have to say what they need to say, to fend off one-off customers. Birkins are really only offered to loyal customers.

    If you don't like any of this, honestly, go to a reseller to spare you the agony or humiliation. Having said that, once you get to know a SA, they will be very very nice to you. Just don't open your mouth and ask for a birkin too soon.
  10. If I get bombarded with hundreds of calls every day, I would lose my cool too. In the morning, I would be ok. By afternoon with hunger pangs from misssing lunch and still serving customers, I would be a b*tch. By evening, I would have become a monster.
  11. I notice that I get ignored if I head straight for the cases where the Birkins (on a rare occasion) & Kellys are usually displayed. If I look at the accessories, etc, then the SAs seem more helpful.
  12. ^yup!
  13. I've been considering getting myself on the waiting list, but I'm plagued with questions.

    When you get on the waiting list, do they charge you then or when your name comes up?

    Is the wait list REALLY five years?

    Do you get to choose the color of the bag you want?

    Is the wait list only for the birkin or is it for the kelly too?
  14. -You're only charged when the bag arrives
    -No, the wait list can vary anywhere from 1-5 years depending on the availability of leathers and color of leathers and the complexity of your order
    -waitlist is usually for Birkins but can also be for a Kelly if the specifications you want are not readily available

    I do agree that SAs should be professional and they shouldn't "yell", but you also have to understand that you would not be in the best of moods either if you had numerous calls and walk-in customers asking for a Birkin every single day. Get to know an SA, better yet get to know the staff and show them your loyal to the brand. The quality of Hermes, in my opinion, sets them apart from any other brand and this quality begets loyalty.
  15. First: You can't buy things over the phone with Hermes unless you are a customer at that boutique already. Even then, I don't think you can buy a Birkin over the phone.
    Second: Hermes stores - with the possible exception of 24 Fbg -have quotas how many Birkins they can order from Paris per year. This is 'the list'. The quotas are limited, that is how the list is always or mostly 'closed'.
    There is something called a 'Podium' twiced a year (February and July IIRC) at which Hermes Managers can submit their orders. That is why the lady at the store told you 'August'. That's when they know how high their quota can be.
    Third: The 24 Fbg store is a zoo, that is probably why they spoke in a loud voice. Please also remember that English is not the first language for everybody.
    Fourth: You can chose your colour but it is possible that this is only possible through a special order, which again is a different story. Some Birkins do take years to make because the leather in a certain colour is not available at that time or the company cannot find a workshop who is willing to do that particular combination.

    You should go to one of the London boutiques (you can find details on them here on the forum) and talk to them in person. Display some interest in the brand *besides* the Birin.

    Your best bet of scoring a Birkin straight from the shop is when you go to Paris directly. We have had a number of members here being very successful. They get shipments and you can get your Birkin right away if you are lucky, provided you are happy with the colour/leather/size/hardware they have available. Again, displaying some interest in Hermes products *besides* the Birkin is helpful. Remember, they want you to be interested in teh brand. They'd rather sell their bags to people who are interested in the brand per se than to people who walk in and just demand a Birkin.

    Other than that you can always go through a reseller. You pay a premium, but you get what you want instantly without any strings attached.