Help, whats this accessory???

  1. [​IMG]

    can anyone tell me what this is hanging of the speedy??? i havent seen it before:shrugs:
  2. you beat me^^^
  3. love it ...
  4. nice!
  5. It looks really nice :smile: I likey!
  6. I dont know but it's cute!
  7. i like it too but cant find any info anywhere...
  8. it loks fabulous on the speedy!
  9. Aww.. they look so cute together ! :yes:
  10. Lol I spent about an hour last night looking at catalogs and through the LV site trying to figure out what it is. If this isn't already made in mono, it probably will be. This is usually elux's way of introducing new items..they sporadically place them on bags and wait for people to wonder what they are. Then eventually they show up on the site.
  11. ^^cant wait!!!
  12. I love this Utah Keyholder, but I have no use for it. :sad:
  13. It's a Keyholder? I thought it was the Cigarette case.......... lol.