HELP Whats the name/ style?

  1. I seen a couple girls at school with a fendi that looks like the LV speedy. It also has the lock just instead it is made of cloth and has the F's all over. I was wondering if anyone owns it and know the style number...:shrugs: THANK U
  2. They have one at nm that is so cute. It is called the Metallic Zucca Duffel Bag. Check out the site it's on there. I don't know if it's what your looking for cuz it's white with sliver F's. I seen it in the store and tried it on. Let me just tell you it's so hot. I loved it.
  3. I just found one on But it's a mini. And it's the beige zucca. Just wanted to let you know if your intrested.
  4. I have it. The style number is aa48188. I hope thats right I got the number from where the hologram sticker is located. I know that the Fendi Outlet in Orlando had the regular size one for about 4-something awhile ago. I bought my mine for about 600 at Bloomingdales.
  5. [​IMG]

    This is the new one. I just picked it up today. Its TDF!! :smile: