Help .. what's the name of this gucci bag?

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  1. Someone I saw at school had a gucci bag similar in style to a coach swing pack..

    I went on the website and couldn't find it on there... although I did not look thoroughly

  2. Are you referring to this?

  3. it's not exactly that. it was black
  4. You mean the same sling as mine but in black? or the coach sling in black?
  5. That type of bag is called a messenger bag. Most of Gucci's messenger bags are under the luggage section of their website.
  6. This one? I have it and I love it. :heart: I think they have one with a light blue strap, and beige canvas for the new cruise 07 collection.
  7. I have the one with the red/green web strap and i absolutely love this bag. I use it a lot when I travel and/or go on shopping trips since it's hands-free. I definitely prefer it to the belt bags.
  8. That's the one I'm looking for as well. It looks exactly like that Coach, except the beige stripe had the green & red and the strap was green & red. Did you happen to find out when they made this bag?
  9. IN THE future..Please post your question in the NAME THAT GUCCI THREAD!
Thread Status:
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