HELP!!! What's the name of that SPEEDY!

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  1. I'm sorry but life kept me from posting and buying LVs lately.:sad:

    And to be honest, I was getting bored with LV.


    I saw this gorgeous Speedy with brown handles today!!! EEEEEEEEE!!!!!

    I checked elux and didn't see it:sad:

    I have seen it in a couple of pics here but since I don;t know the name of the bag I can't search:crybaby:

    However, in my quest to find this bag I did score a like new Croissant MM on ebay today:graucho:

    PLEASE help me cause I MUST have this bag!!!!!!!
  2. Hehe, any other clue besides the brown handles? :smile:
  3. Was it the Mirage Speedy?
  4. Damier? Dentelle?
  5. mini lin ?
  6. Dirty Speedy? hehe j/k j/k... :P
  7. NO! LOL but it wasn't a damier
  8. dentelle?
    mini lin?
  9. the only Speedies i can think of that aren't currently on eLuxury are the Mirage and Dentelle. then again, if you use the search option on eLuxury, the Mini Lin Speedy shows up in the Dune color, and you don't see it in the Ebene color until you open up the item's page
  10. It was brown with monograms and the handles where brown and the tabs looked like they had brown under them?

    Maybe it was a fake...LOL
  11. LOL
    you so funny!

  12. I just googled it and it IS the Mirage!!!!! OMG this bag is simply gorgeous!!! I was practically follow this lady around in the mall trying to get a peep!

    Soooooo When will it be available and what s the price point???

    Thanks everyone!
  13. oh, mirage?!
    The handles are black or burgundy.

    my local store still have.
    ask your local store ASAP!!
  14. I actually laughed out loud!
  15. It's already out...comes in 2 and bordeaux. It is gorgeous!!! You maybe saw the bordeaux.