Help! What's the best sports forum in the USA? Great athlete here who needs help!

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  1. Out of purses topic for once...

    My nephew is a great waterpolo player, he plays in the Italian A league, and he is into college in Italy:yahoo:.

    Iknow, I knooooow, and I'm proud :graucho: .

    I am looking for any opportunities for him to go to the USA for some courses in some college or university...I think he needs an American experience to complete his education.
    I believe that being surrounded by people who appreciate his talent on top of completing his education would be an amazing deal, and he really has the skills to do that.

    But I just don't know where to start from...:shrugs:

    I was wondering if any of you know if there is a forum in the USA just like this one, but for sports, where I may find some information and where I may find some people who share a good passion for sports and who may help us.

    Ideas of all sorts are very wellcome:heart: :heart: :heart: thank you very much
  2. I'd google fitness forums or weightlifting forums. A lot of those will have subforums for sports
  3. Thanks! Anybody else with some more ideas???