HELP! What's the benefit of owning a luxury purse?

  1. Hello All:

    I was hoping to get some feedback from the purse forum community.

    I'd like to hear about what benefits there are to owning a designer purse? What does it do for you?

    Thank you very much,
  2. To me is the staying power...and the quality,..if you stick to the classics they will last you forever.
  3. I think the benefit is that you get to own something that you really, really like and think is really, really pretty.

    therefore, there is only a benefit to owning a designer purse if purses do it for you. everyone has their thing, be it cars, jewlery, owning classic guitars, etc. for some of us, it's bags. if bags bring you joy, having an extra special one brings you more joy.
  4. Well, I would word it a little differently for myself because its not so much having a "luxury purse" (atleast for me) It is more about the feeling that comes about when you are carrying on your arm an exquisitely constructed bag with leather that feels like butter, in a color that brings your outfit alive. It makes you feel like a woman, a fashionable woman, a unique woman, and most importantly, a woman who cares about how the world views her.

    At least for me! I cant speak for everyone else, but I get all fired up when Im wearing "mah bags." Like when Im sporting my tomato RM MA mini, I feel chic, unique, and ready to take on the world.

    Oh boy, thats some corny sh*t! Feel free to roll thy eyes!
  5. LOL thats not that corny! I'm sporting my L.A.M.B. lipstick Mandeville today but wearing a tshirt, jeans and converse lol!! I think it helps me look like I at least tried :p
  6. No way will I roll my eyes ladies, this is great, and so quick to respond too. I really apreciate your input. Keep it coming.
    Anthony :tup:
  7. I just love great purses - it doesn't have to be a huge designer label, though I am partial to some... Love the leather, the quality, the hardware, the little design features unique to each bag. I'm not sure how I benefit other than carrying a beautiful functional purse that I love....... that's enough.
  8. Its about the quality and longevity of your purchase. Most luxury brands are very well made and use higher grade of materials than handbags you could buy at say Sears, JC Penny or other department store of that type.
  9. The bag IMO makes the outfit. Whether I have on a track suit or a cocktail dress my bag always puts the finishing touch on my outfit. I find that designer bags in most instances pay more attention to shape, detail and quality. I don't know....I don't spend nearly as much money on clothes. I just feel like my bag is the most important thing on me at any time besides a smile....well unless I ever get married. Then it'll come after my ring. :p
  10. 1) Makes me feel good. Pretty simple.
    2) I like knowing a bag will be worth something once I get bored and move on to another one.
  11. With a nice bag, the rest of outfit can come from Old Navy (e jeans, tee, flip flops) and I'm still dressed like a million bucks! This is only my opinion but it's the only one that matters!
  12. because most of the luxury purses come with great quality, some of the leather ones are coming in GREAT leather smell that will be around me all day when i carry it in my arms.
    they have durability that we can use them for years and i'm talking about 10-20 years or more.
    and the great design and the feeling u get when u carry it.

    like what some lines we read a lot on magazines that when u're wearing a great sexy pair of undies u will feel more confident and good about yourself. imagine what confidence u'll get if u carry a great sexy bag that is not "hidden" under there LOL
  13. I like unique and well made bags. None of my bags have cost me over 800.. which to some seems like a lot, but my bf has been betting me for years when I'm going to breech 1,000.

    I don't think it's the dollar amount.. it's how nice the bag makes you feel, corny as it sounds.
  14. I don't really have a benefit to why I buy them. Luxury bags are the only bags I've ever own.
  15. I like the feel and the look of my designer bags. Also, I know my chanels are timeless and I can carry them for decades. The bag can also make an ordinary outfit look fabulous!