Help, what’s my monogram?!

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How should I do my monogram?

  1. K-MVFHG

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  3. K-MHG

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  4. KH

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  5. KHG

  6. K-M

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  1. So I’ve always been fond of monograms. A neat way to personalize things :smile: But since I have a long name I have never really known the correct way do it. Now I really want to buy a monogrammed bag so I’m hoping there is someone who can help me with my double double and hyphenated name!

    My name is kind of like this (switching out for the sake of privacy):

    Kansas-Maine Virginia Florida Hawaii Georgia

    First names is Kansas-Maine Virginia Florida and last names is Hawaii Georgia. I’m called Kansas-Maine.

    How on earth should I do it? So far I have only made it with my first name: K-M. But I can only do that when a hyphen is possible and that’s not always the case, and even so I would like to include my whole name.
    Or should I exclude some letters, just to make it more neat? Should I do with or without the hyphen (kind of fond of it)?

    Is there anyone who knows the correct monogram etiquette? Or please just advice or a vote, I’m kind of clueless here.
  2. I think monograms look neatest when confined to 2-3 letters, in your case perhaps KHG.
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  3. I have something similar but not the last name. I hate it when people would say Kansas and not Kansas-Maine.

    I would do KMHG if possible.
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  4. I would do KMG.
  5. KMHG :smile:
  6. I am fond of monogramming myself. This is my understanding of what a proper monogram entails. The first letter of each word of a name. I would select three. On the left is the letter representing the first letter of one's first name. In the center and larger is the first letter of one's last name. On the right is the first letter of one's middle name. While you may have whatever you wish embroidered, embossed or whatever I think it looks nice done as I explained. To me your monogram would look nicest as k H m. I selected these to represent K for Kansas your first name. H to represent Hawaii your last name. m for your middle name. I am aware some people use first, middle and last initial same size and with no space between but I find that less attractive myself. I really like intertwining initials also.
  7. Interesting puzzle. Monograms are usually first letter of the name and surname, sometimes middle name. If I’m Ana Dawn then my monogram will be AD, or Ana Kate Dawn - then AKD. If you’re Kansas-Maine ... Georgia, then I would go either K-MG/KMG. Monograms should be simple and not confusing imo.
    Good luck choosing :tup:
  8. Thanks for all of your replies!

    A friend said that I should leave “M” out of my monogram since Maine is in fact represented by the letter “K”: Kansas-Maine is one name (and what people call me) and therefore it should be only “K”. She thought KVFHG was the correct long way, and KH if I was to shorten it.

    So confusing! :cool: Have to think about this.