Help! What's Claire Danes' bag?

  1. Hi!

    Hope you bag ladies can help, I say Claire Danes carrying this gorgeous bag at the taping of TRL last night and can't for all the trawling find out what it is....


  2. Yes, it's a very nice bag...but I have no clue. I've liked Claire ever since My So-Called Life. She's a good actress.
  3. It's not likely been released yet for general sale, celebs often carry bags that aren't available yet.
  4. I believe it's D&G...

    I've seen it in red also
  5. Is it the same Valentino bag that Jennifer Garner was seen carrying in red? I think there was a thread somewhere about that one ...
  6. Crap! Valentino maybe... hahaha.. I get those confused.
    But it's definitely been photo'd on celebs in red
  7. Yes, it's the Valentino Histoire bag.
  8. I liked it a lot in the Claire Danes photo, but up closer that bag has got a LOT going on. I think the paler color makes it look less overwhelming.
  9. I love Claire Danes. :tup:

    Here is a better picture of the bag.

  10. I love it! The first time I saw it was in a pic of Jennifer Garner & she had the red one. Unfortunately, its not in the budget. :sad:
  11. Yeah I thought it was the Valentino. I really like that bag.
  12. Gorgeous bag but I'll only be able to admire it from afar. Wayyyy out of my price range. (sadly, alot of them are)
  13. Sigh, I was hoping it wasn't quite so high end - oh well a girl can dream! Thanks guys xx