HELP, What's Cameron carrying?

  1. LLLUURVE the two bags Cameron were carrying yesterday when she stepped out the airport, She is using the green one again when she went to the gym today, does anyone know what they are?????
    tn_C2.jpg tn_cameron.jpg
  2. I think the tote she is carry is cute. Probably way too expensive for me to own, though.
  3. It's Marc Jacobs I'm pretty sure
  4. They always are, the stars have cash to burn!!!!!!!!!!
    Lucky them!!!!
  5. I just checked the MJ website but I did not see them on there, WHAT ELSE COULD IT BE???????????:wacko:
  6. God, that looks so familiar- i think Megs blogged about a similar bag not that long ago....
  7. Yep, it's MJ- look at the similar zipper pulls:
  8. Two other great shots with the same bag today! I looked everywhere for this bag, still I did not see it, if it really was a MJ piece, wouldn't they be selling them let's say on Saks or Neiman Marcus, NAP or even their own web, but nah...they are not on there. SO I guess the search goes on..................but guess ValleyOppressed does have a point the hardware looks very so confused, HELLPPPPPPPPPPPPPP ME, I WANT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    cameron_diaz.jpg cameron_diaz2.jpg
  9. Ya know what? There is just something about this bag....I really love it, too! Is it canvas? I can't tell, but I LOVE the studs. I might just be being stupid, and I KNOW Cameron Diaz wouldn't shop at PacSun, but it actually looks like something you could get at PacSun, or Jimmy'z--if it is canvas or Khaki, I mean.
  10. I'm pretty sure it's MJ too. I'd call around at some MJ boutiques and ask! Good luck!
  11. Ohh i saw those pictures and wondered the exact same thing about her bag. Have you been able to find it yet?
  12. I'm pretty sure that the green bag is canvas. The very first picture shows it that way.
  13. I like it.
  14. It is from Marc Jacob's sweet punk collection. I haven't been able to find that particular bag either. Here is the debbie from Saks:
  15. i'm quite sure its from MJ too